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The Small Sip Potion is a rare potion in Adopt Me! that can be found in the Sky Castle next to the Big Brew Potion. It is priced at Bucks.png 250 and it was released along with the Magic Update on January 18, 2020.


The Small Sip Potion features a spherical flask with glowing pink liquid inside, topped with a brown cork. Its shape is similar to the Big Brew Potion, the only difference being its size.


The Small Sip Potion can make a pet shrink for 10 minutes. The potion's effects will remain even if the player leaves the server. In other words, if a player feeds the potion to their pet and stays in the server for 3 minutes, then leaves, their pet will still have the effect for another 7 minutes when the player rejoins. Similar to the other pet potions, the effects only work on pets.


  • The Small Sip Potion can fulfil the β€œthirsty” task on Pets.
  • The Small Sip Potion can be fed to a pet multiple times until it says, "Your pet can't get much smaller!"