The Small Gift is one of the three Giftsย inย Adopt Me!ย that can be found at the Gifts display in front of the Nursery in Adoption Island. The Gifts display is run by an NPC named Santa Claus who says in one of his dialogues that selling these Gifts is the only way of him being able to afford so many gifts during Christmas.

The Small Gift is violet, dark purple, and white in color and could be bought by a player for a price of Bucks 70. After buying the Small Gift, a player may open it by clicking or tapping anywhere on the screen. A player has a 60% chance of getting a Common, 30% chance of getting an Uncommon, 7.5% chance of getting a Rare, 2% chance of getting an Ultra-Rare, and a mere 0.5% chance of getting a Legendary. ย 

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