The Sky Castle is a Castle that is floating in the sky somewhere in the middle of the main map surrounded by clouds. The main Castle is supported by a large Cloud. It can be reached by riding the Hot Air Balloon (the sponsor, first passenger to board, must pay 5 bucks), flying on a flyable pet, or using a flying toy such as a glider or propeller. The Hot Air Balloon only travels between its docking area and the Sky Castle.

The Sky Castle's interior has a shop which lets you purchase a Balloon Stroller, representing the Hot Air Balloon and 5 different potions with varying effects. There is also a spiral staircase leading to the back porch, where the player can either bounce on a trampoline or tie themselves to a bungee cord and bungee jump off the Sky Castle.


Sky Castle Interior

Potion Cost (Bucks) Effects
Big Head Potion 10 Makes the player's head bigger
Hyperspeed Potion 40 Speeds up the player
Anti-Gravity Potion 99 Allows the player to jump higher per potion they drink.
Grow Potion 395 Makes the player grow larger
Levitation Potion 995 Allows the player to levitate

*NOTE: In order to remove the effect of the potion, you must reset.

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