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Sir Woofington is an NPC shopkeeper in the Nursery. When a player plays Adopt Me! for the first time, they find Sir Woofington sitting in the center of the Nursery and he will give the player a free Starter Egg. After the player is given the Starter Egg, Sir Woofington will then sit beside the Royal Egg in the largest building in the Nursery.

If a player interacts with Sir Woofington, he mentions that his brain was swapped with Doug, the owner of the Cracked Egg shop, in an experiment. Having the brain of a human, he now talks, while Doug, with the brain of the dog, barks. Similarly, if a player chats with Doug, he will converse with them in a non-humanly manner, barking instead of talking.


Sir Woofington has the appearance of a Chocolate Labrador. He wears a monocle and a top hat.


This is what Sir Woofington says when a player interacts with him:

"I can tell by the look on your face that you're confused how I can speak. Well, you see that... specimen in the cheapest shop? We had an experiment done on us by Burt and well, there was a paradigm shift and our brains swapped so the fellow thinks he's a dog. Anyway have a good day and make sure to buy my egg, the most premium egg in all the lands!"