The Silly Duck is an Uncommon pet that could only be obtained from the Farm Egg. It now is only obtainable now from trading, seeing as the egg has been removed from the game, replaced by the Aussie Egg


The Silly Duck has a green head and neck, also a white stripe on its neck, a flat yellow beak, a white body, and yellow feet. It tends to sway back and forth and bob its head.


The tricks are first to last in order.

  1. Sit - Newborn
  2. Lay Down - Junior
  3. Bounce - Pre-teen
  4. Roll Over - Teen
  5. Back-flip - Post-teen
  6. Dance - Full-grown

Neon Appearance

When turned neon, the Duck's head glows bright green, and the feet glow bright orange.

A Neon Silly Duck

Mega Neon Appearance

The Silly Duck's neon accents rotate throughout the rainbow when turned mega neon.
Screen Shot 2020-05-27 at 12.59.55 PM

A Mega Neon Silly Duck


  • Many people name their Silly Ducks “Bowling Pin” because they believe it looks like a bowling pin when it moves.
  • Bethink and Newfissy once said that Silly Ducks are the "most godly pets" in their Twitter.
  • Silly ducks are in more demand then their counterpart Drake.
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