Shops are accessible buildings in Adopt Me! located in several places around Adoption Island. Shops have a variety of different items that are available for purchase, ranging from vehicles to toys. Each shop sells a different set of items that match its theme. The theme of a shop is usually recognizable from its exterior, often in comical or absurd ways, for example, the Coffee Shop being a cup of coffee, or the Ice Cream Shop resembling an ice cream cone which is upside-down.

Clothing Shop

The Clothing Shop has been removed from the game.

Clothing shop next to the bridge.

The Clothing Shop used to be located in between the Playground and the Pool Party.

It was deleted when the Dress Your Pets update came out to make room for the Hat Shop, and now in its place is the Baby Shop. The Clothing Shop was most likely chosen to be removed as it was made redundant with the introduction of a more complex dressing menu, which allowed players to easily purchase clothes without having to travel to the Clothing Shop.

Various articles of clothing could be purchased in the Clothing Shop for Bucks, such as wings and trails, which can now only be found in the aforementioned dressing menu.

The Clothing Shop used to serve a much more important purpose, as it used to be the only way players could change their Roblox avatar in Adopt Me!. 

The Coffee Cup (Coffee Shop)

Coffee House

The Coffee Shop across from Ramsay’s Pizzeria.

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The Coffee Cup can be found right next to the entrance to the neighborhood. The exterior looks like a red mug with some bubbly foam on top, just like Coffee. You can purchase some warm beverages like Tea and Coffee, as well as Honey. Honey can be used to tame bee pets such as Bee, King Bee, Queen Bee (which are also found here), and costs Robux 199 each. They used to have Cookies, but when the bees were added in they removed the Cookie.

The interior of the Coffee Cup was destroyed with the introduction of Bees because according to Archer the Bees revolted due to not being paid an adequate enough salary for the Honey that they produce, which Archer used to make Coffee.

Item Cost Info
Coffee Bucks 3 Replenishes Thirst
Tea Bucks 2 Replenishes Thirst

Toy Shop

Screenshot 2020-06-22 at 11.23.03 AM

The Toy Shop.

Main article: Toy Shop

The Toy Shop is a shop where players can buy different toys. Different variations of the toys that are in the Toy Shop can be found in Gifts or can be bought during events.

Item Cost Info
Grappling Hook Bucks 2,500 If you click on something, it will drag you to it
Heart Balloon Bucks 100 Lets you jump higher
Propeller Bucks 1,200 Lets you fly into the sky until you jump
Pogo Stick Bucks 200 Bouncy, doesn't actually let you jump up and down.
Teddy Bear Bucks 50 Doesn't really do anything, click to hug.
Roller Skates Bucks 300 It allows the player to move quickly around the adoption island, reselect in Backpack to remove.

Icey’s (Ice Cream Parlor)


Icey’s near the bridge.

Main article: Ice Cream Parlor

The Ice Cream Parlor is one of the only places you can buy ice cream cones (besides from an Ice Cream Truck), Once you buy a Cone, you can fill up to three scoops of ice cream, once you eat all three scoops, you can go back to the shop and get a free refill. It is also the only place you may find penguins and a Golden Goldfish to tame a Penguin or a Golden PenguinGolden Goldfish costs Robux 225 each and can be used to get penguins. Each Golden Goldfish gives you a 1 in 10 chance of catching a legendary Golden Penguin.

Item Cost Info
Cone Bucks 1 Replenishes hunger

Cone is required to add these toppings, and up to three toppings can be added to each cone.

Item Cost Info
Blue Ice Cream Free Additional topping to ice cream
Brown Ice Cream Free Additional topping to ice cream
Green Ice Cream Free Additional topping to ice cream
Pink Ice Cream Free Additional topping to ice cream
Purple Ice Cream Free Additional topping to ice cream
Red Ice Cream Free Additional topping to ice cream
White Ice Cream Free Additional topping to ice cream

Ramsay's Pizzeria (Pizza Shop)

Main article: Ramsay's Pizzeria

Much like the name implies, Ramsay's Pizzeria sells pizza. It has a jukebox, as well as several tables in which players and pets can sit. There is a pizza oven for baking pizza and a table full of ingredients needed for pizza.


The new Pizza Shop

Item Cost Info
Pizza Dough Bucks 1 Replenishes hunger

Pizza Dough is required to add these toppings.

Item Cost Info
Cheese Topping Free Additional topping to pizza
Pepperoni Free Additional topping to pizza
Peppers Free Additional topping to pizza
Sauce Free Additional topping to pizza
Screenshot 116

The old supermarket, with a bigger parking lot.

Green Groceries (Supermarket)

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The Green Groceries supermarket is located right at the back of the Island, on the road between the camping grounds and the pool. The supermarket used to have a much larger parking lot in the first versions of Adopt Me!, but it has since been severely reduced.  

The new supermarket, with a smaller parking lot.

Type Item Bites/Sips Cost Info
Food Apple 3 Bucks 1 Replenishes Hunger
Food Blueberry Pie 5 Bucks 3 Replenishes Hunger
Food Burger 5 Bucks 2 Replenishes Hunger
Food Cake 2 Bucks 3 Replenishes Hunger
Food Cheese 2 Bucks 2 Replenishes Hunger
Drink Chocolate Milk 5 Bucks 2 Replenishes Thirst
Food Ham 5 Bucks 3 Replenishes Hunger
Food Hotdog 2 Bucks 2 Replenishes Hunger
Food Popcorn 5 Bucks 2 Replenishes Hunger
Food Raspberry Pie 5 Bucks 3 Replenishes Hunger
Food Sandwich 3 Bucks 2 Replenishes Hunger
Food Taco 3 Bucks 2 Replenishes Hunger
Drink Water 8 Bucks 1 Replenishes Thirst
Food Watermelon 3 Bucks 2 Replenishes Hunger
Drink Soda 5 Bucks 2 Replenishes Thirst

Camping Store

Main article: Camping Store
The Camping Store is found at the entrance to the campsite. Also called 'The Best Shop Ever', with the 'R' in 'Ever' falling off. It is also the only shop to have a secret room in it. 

The Camping Store.

Item Cost Info
Marshmallow Free Fills hunger instantly
Wheelbarrow Stroller Bucks 1,000 Carries 1 pet or baby
Bongos Bucks 200 Plays music
S'mores Cookie Bucks 5 Replenishes hunger
Sparkler Bucks 20 Emits bright sparkles
Flashlight Bucks 300 Light
Guitar Bucks 500 Plays music

Egg Store

The Egg Store takes up the left side of the Nursery. It is the only place you can buy eggs. There is a Gumball Machine that gives different limited eggs.

Pet shop on the left side of the adoption centre
Egg Rarity Price Of Egg

Chance of Getting Legendary

Cracked Egg Common Bucks 350 1.5%
Pet Egg Rare Bucks 600 3%
Aussie Egg Legendary Bucks 750 3%
Royal Egg Legendary Bucks 1,450 8%

Pool Store

Pool House

The Pool Store.

Main article: Pool Store

The Pool Store is a store where players can buy different pool-related items. It is located right next to the Pool Party. The exterior of the Pool Store used to be a gym before it was repurposed into a pool store.

Item Cost Info
Floaties Bucks 50 Small little floaties around your arms to help you float
Surfboard Bucks 600 Allows you to move fast in the water only
Pool Noodle Bucks 100 A colorful noodle that helps you float in the pool
Mermaid Float Bucks 200 Fun little float designed like a mermaid fin for yourself
Inner Tube Bucks 150 Allows you to relax by yourself on the tube float
Pizza Float Bucks 300 Allows you to relax with multiple people on the float
Lazy Float Bucks 75 Perfect for relaxing in the pool

Potion Shop


The Potion Shop.

Main article: Potion Shop

The Potion Shop is located next to the Baby Shop, which is now located next to the Playground. Potions that change pets in multiple ways are sold here.

Item Cost Info
Ride-A-Pet Potion Robux 150 When fed to your pet, it makes it permanently rideable
Fly-A-Pet Potion Robux 295 When fed to your pet, it makes it permanently flyable
Translucent Tea Potion Bucks 600 When fed to your pet, it makes them transparent for 10 minutes
Big Brew Potion Bucks 350 When fed to your pet, it makes them larger in size for 10 minutes
Small Sip Potion Bucks 250 When fed to your pet, it makes them smaller in size for 10 minutes

Baby Shop

AMBaby Shop

The Baby Shop.

Main article: Baby Shop

The Baby Shop is a shop that sells baby-related items, such as strollers and toys. It is located near the Playground.

Item Price
Baby Formula Bucks 20
Baby Bottle Bucks 4
Unicorn Rattle Bucks 275
Doge Rattle Bucks 175
Squid Rattle Bucks 475
Duck Rattle Bucks 100
Rattle Bucks 50
Throne Stroller Bucks 1,250
Rocket Ship Stroller Bucks 500
Rainbow Stroller Bucks 2,000
Car Stroller Bucks 450
Droplet Stroller Bucks 300
Double Stroller Bucks 135
Balloon Stroller Bucks 1,500
Stroller Bucks 100

Pet Shop

RobloxScreenShot20200210 140843077

The Pet Shop.

Main article: Pet Shop

The Pet Shop is a shop that sells pet-related items and Robux-only pets. It is located in the center of Adoption Island, near the Hospital. The interior of the Pet Shop was updated in the Pet Shop update.

The Founder's Key item used to have the ability to unlock the huge vault located at the far end of the Pet Shop , where players could collect the Founder's Crown. After the Dress Your Pets Live Event, however, the key has been turned into a throw toy, and it can no longer be used to unlock the vault.

Item Price
Pet Sloth Robux 199
Pet Panda Robux 249
Pet Horse Robux 300
Pet Griffin Robux 600
Pet Kitsune Robux 600
Discoplosion Robux 85
Throwing Bone Bucks 250
Rubber Bone Pet Toy (Unavailable) Bucks 100
Donut Pet Toy (Unavailable) Bucks 750
Pet Food Bucks 5
Pet Treat Bucks 10
Frisbee Bucks 250
Shoe Chew Toy Bucks 200
Key Chew Toy Bucks 350
Leash Bucks 250
Unicorn Leash (Unavailable) Bucks 700
Football Pet Toy (Unavailable)

Bucks 500

Astro Ball Bucks 1,200
Cool Frisbee Bucks 300
Tennis Ball Bucks 200
Squeaky Spikey Bucks 275
Star Ball Bucks 450
Squeaky Bone Bucks 135
Raw Bone Bucks 150
Fun Frisbee Bucks 300

Car Showroom

Car dealership am

The Car Showroom.

Main article: Car Showroom

The Car Showroom is a shop that sells vehicles for players to use around the map.

Item Rarity Cost Seats
Bike Common Bucks 75 1 Seat
Multi-Bike Common Bucks 300 2 Seats
Motorcycle Common Bucks 400 1 Seat
Car Uncommon Bucks 900 2 Seats
Tiny Convertible Uncommon Bucks 1,100 4 Seats
Offroader Rare Bucks 1,200 4 Seats
Camper Van Rare Bucks 1,600 6 Seats
Muscle Car Ultra-Rare Bucks 1,800 2 Seats

Sky Castle

Screen Shot 2020-04-28 at 4.43.27 PM

The Sky Castle.

Main article: Sky Castle

The Sky Castle is the castle in the sky above Adoption Island. It can only be accessed either with the Sky Castle Hot Air Balloon, a flying pet, a Glider, a grappling hook, or a propeller. It sells potions and an ultra-rare Balloon Stroller on the first floor and on the balcony, there is a bungee jump on the second-floor platform for the player to play with their family and pets. There is a glitch on the top of the tower where there's an invisible platform where players, their vehicles, and pets can stand on.

Item Cost Effects
Big Head Potion Bucks 10 Makes the player's head bigger
Hyperspeed Potion Bucks 40 Speeds up the player (stackable)
Anti-Gravity Potion Bucks 99 Allows the player to jump higher (stackable)
Grow Potion Bucks 395 Makes the player grow larger
Levitation Potion Bucks 995 Allows the player to levitate
Balloon Stroller Bucks 1,500 Can hold one baby/pet


  • The Clothing Store is the only store that has been removed from the game.
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