The Shadow Dragon is a Legendary Pet that was sold for
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A Neon Fly Ride Shadow Dragon in a player's inventory.

in the 2019 Halloween Event Part 1 and Part 2. It could be found in the Candy Trading Shop near the old Graveyard plus in the Gamepass Tab along with other pets that were exclusive to the 2019 Halloween Update, such as the Zombie Buffalo, the Evil Unicorn, and the Bat Dragon.


It resembles a skeletal black-purple dragon with a spiky tail, glowing purple eyes, and sharp spikes running down its spine and on its head. You can also see the Shadow Dragon’s rib cage running down its stomach.Β 


A Player riding a Shadow Dragon

Neon Appearance

In its Neon Form, the Shadow Dragon has its horns, inner wings, and back scales glowing bright purple and its breath is stronger/clearer to see/more visible than the regular.

A Neon Shadow Dragon

In its Mega Neon form, the Shadow Dragon has all the same places glowing where the regular neon Shadow Dragon but they change colors from turquoise to white. Unfortunately, it does not turn rainbow.Β 

A Mega Neon Shadow Dragon


  • Sit (Newborn)
  • Lay Down (Junior)
  • Joy (Pre-Teen)
  • Jump (Teen)
  • Dive (Post-Teen)
  • Shadow Breath (Full Grown)


  • It has 2 exclusive tricks, Dive and Shadow Breath.
  • This was the second dragon to be released after Dragon.
  • The Frost Dragon is a re-skin of the Shadow Dragon in cyan and light blue curved horns and sealed chest with no rib cage visible.
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