Scroll Ingredient

Dead Cells Final DLC - The Loop


The Scroll Ingredient is an ultra-rare ingredient in the Monkey Fairground that can be obtained through opening Monkey Boxes. Monkey Boxes cost  Bucks.png 600 or Robux.png 195 respectively.

If a player combines 3 Scroll Ingredients and a Monkey while talking to the Ninja Monkey in the Monkey Fairground, they will receive a Ninja Monkey, along with a Ninja Headband and a Kitsune Mask.


  • The Scroll Ingredient can be obtained by opening a Monkey Box, or by trading with another player. The Scroll Ingredient can no longer be traded for a Ninja Monkey, as the event is now gone.
  • When a player interacts with the Scroll Ingredient when the Monkey Fairground is not around, a message pops up reading “I wonder what this does...”
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