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The Scoob Event was an Adopt Me! event that began on May 4, 2020, at 11:00 AM (Central Time). Adopt Me! teamed up with Scoob, a movie that was released on May 15, 2020, to bring Scoob into the world of Adopt Me!. The event ended on May 18, 2020.


Helping Scoob Find his Collar

The First Activity was helping Scoob find his collar. When players went to the Scoob Event Platform, Scoob was there. He says that he lost his collar and that it is somewhere on the Adopt Me! island. Scoob then gave the player the Mystery Machine which they could use to find the collar. It would give players an arrow to the collar, which was at the campsite. Then, when players returned the collar to Scoob, he would say thank you for finding his collar. He then joined the player as a pet that became flyable and rideable, and players got to keep Scoob and the Mystery Machine until May 18, 2020.

Aging Scoob Up to Full-Grown for a Reward

The Second Activity was aging Scoob up to Full-Grown. Although Scoob's rarity was "event," it aged just like a common pet, which is much faster than a legendary and all the other rarities.

Once players aged up Scoob to full-grown, he thanked you and gave players the three rewards which are listed below, (Detective Mustache. Detective Hat, and Magnifying Glass). Players could continue to play with Scoob and The Mystery Machine if they wanted to, but the event ended on May 18, 2020.

Unlike Scoob and the Mystery Machine, the three rewards stayed in the game even after the event ended.


Note: The Scoob Pet and The Mystery Machine are temporary and have left, similar to the Pet Rock on April Fools Day 2020.

Item Image Rarity Type
Event Pet
Mystery Machine
Mystery Machine.png
Event Vehicle
Detective Mustache
Detective Mustache.png
Common Pet Accessory
Detective Hat
Detective Hat.png
Magnifying Glass
Magnifying Glass.png


  • This was the first event to have temporary items and pets.
  • Every item in the event was common. (Event items are confirmed to be temporary common items as well)