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The School is a building in Adopt Me!. It can be found next to the Gifts area. Ever since the Monkey Fairground update, the bell has two cracks running down it, signifying the old age. Players and their pets will need to go there every other in-game day to complete the 'School' task, and they will receive Bucks.png 12 when the activity is completed. When players enter the building, they will see a hallway lined with lockers and NewFissy, who can be seen standing at the end of the hall.

There are four rooms inside the school: the computer lab, the pet room, the classroom, and the head-office/principal's office.

During the Halloween Event (2019), the school was replaced by the Haunted House.


  • If you glitch through the wall of the Pet Training Room, it reveals another room.



The classroom contains eight tables with chairs, a plant, and the teacher's desk. The teacher's table has a lamp that can be turned on and off and an interactive apple on it that players can take to fulfill their hunger. Behind the teacher's table is a blackboard, which players can change the text on.

Pet Training Room (formerly Teacher's Lounge)

This room used to have three interactive dumbbells, two treadmills, two plants, and a blackboard that players could write things on. Since the pet update, it has been changed so that players can now go there to train their pets. The room now consists of three water bowls, three food bowls, four pet beds, an interactive couch, a non-interactive Football Throw Toy, an interactive blackboard, which players can change the text on, and Pet Trainer Shane, who trains pets to perform tricks. The room also has a laptop that players can turn on and off. The water and food bowls can only be used by pets, however, the pet beds can be used by pets as well as babies.

Principal's Office

This room holds a desk in front of a white chair, two chairs in front of the desk, a laptop on the desk, a television set behind the desk, a bookshelf to the right of the desk, and a shelf holding books, a lamp, a poster with the motto: Work, and a Collector's Potion 7. The laptop and the lamp can be turned on and off.

Computer Lab

The Computer Lab consists of a somewhat narrow room with three tables with two laptops on the tables (aside from one table on the middle, only having one), six chairs, a few bookcases, two windows, and an AV screen. The laptops, like the one in the Pet Training Room, can be turned on and off, along with the screen at the front of the classroom.