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This is how a scammer would typically send their invitation.

Scammers are players that intend to obtain valuable items from other players using unjust means.

Scammers are a common sight in Adopt Me!. For example if someone says do a trust trade and you do they will make you go first and I you do it they will leave before giving the stuff they said they would. Players are strongly advised to avoid any sort of offers that don't involve the game's traditional trading system and to carefully inspect the items they are trading for. There is a warning before you trade anything for the first time you trade on your game. There is also a warning before you use a cash register, as of which were disabled on April 3rd.(I think) For example a well know thing called β€œtrust trades” are a way scammers use to steal items from people.

Types of Scams

"It's for my XXX family member who really wants it"

In this type of scam, the scammer will see someone with a really good pet, usually high tier legendary, such as a Giraffe, Golden Unicorn, or Shadow/Frost Dragon and will say something like "Can I have that XXX for my sister? She has cancer and her dream pet is a(n) XXX." and will continue talking about a family member that may or may not be real. For example someone could say my sister has the chrona virus and her last wish is to have a frost and she plays on my account so can I have it. Then the player might give in and that family member might not be real at all.

The victim feels bad for whoever the scammer is, and gives them the pet. The scammer then shows fake gratitude and leaves the game. A way to recognize this is to ask for their siblingβ€˜s account, so they can give it directly to them. If they give it to you, and the scammer does not talk to the person about the scam, that person may actually exist. Be careful though, because their family member could be real, but not play Adopt Me!, or the scammer could use their sibling as a bait.

Abc if you will buy XXX for XXX Amount of Money

In this scam, the scammer will sell their items/pets for bucks. For example, they might say they are selling their Unicorn for 100 Bucks, or they might do it for an outrageous amount, like 1000 Bucks. They will insist that you pay them first and that after you pay them they will give you the Unicorn. However, people will almost always leave the game without giving you the item they promised you. Do not buy items from people using bucks unless you trust them/know them in real life. Even that can't always protect you! And however, you can’t donate currency in-game! The problem with finding people who use this method is that there are people who sell the pets which they don’t need to make a little extra money, but check their stars rating. Even if they do leave the game, people who they scam can still give them a bad rating. This scam doesn’t work for now as the cash register, the item that the victim uses to pay the money is disabled.  


This scam is probably the most deceiving scam. This type of scam is just like the "Selling Pets Scam", but the host of the scam party has an accomplice. The host of the party will be "selling" some valuable pet for money and the accomplice will pretend that they've successfully bought a pet from the host of the scam party. (Example: They will equip one of the pets the party host is selling and say something like "OMG, TY FOR NOT SCAMMING ME") This method will convince others that you can actually obtain pets from this party and the victims will most likely pay all they have for the pets. This scam earns you about $600 bucks per server (or less). There is a way to tell whether or not this is a scam. If the accomplice (Player who has "successfully" gotten a pet from the party host) is on the party host's friends list, then the party is definitely a hoax.

I'll give my pet for that pet:

In this scam, the scammer will have 2 accounts - their main and a spare. In their spare, they will have an item with a small worth/not much demand, while the main account has something extremely rare and in demand. On their main, they will say they're willing to trade their valuable item (e.g Candy Cannon) for the item the spare is holding. (E.g the spare holds a teddy bear; the main will say 'trading Candy Cannon for a teddy bear!) The victim will then trade the spare account their best items for the spare's ones. They will then go to the main (who said they want said item) and tell them that they have the item they were shouting about earlier. Then, both the spare and main will both leave, leaving the victim with a trash item and without their original items.

Give me your XXX item and I will give you my XXX item after you give me yours:


Scam Incident in Adopt Me (Roblox)

Video footage of this particular type of scam. (Check the description of video on YouTube for a rundown of the situation.)

In this kind of scam, the scammer will give you some reason that they cannot use trade, such as they are doing a no trading challenge. They will ask you to give them an item first, and only then they will give you the items you want. They will usually leave the game or ignore you after you gave them your item.

Duplicate pet:

In this kind of scam, the person will claim that they can "duplicate" pets or make pets that were ordinary into neons. The scammer will say that if you give them any pet, they will make it neon/duplicate it. If the pet is rare or under you will usually get it back as scammers only want good pets. Once you give them the pet, they will usually leave the game. It is impossible to duplicate any pets to Adopt Me!

Although sometimes, the person is real, but those are super rare, and most likely scammed people afterwards. To avoid this scam as best as you can, make your own neon pets and, only if you have to, trade the scammer a bad pet, such as a dog, a robin or a bandicoot.

Value scam:

Often, new players with good pets or items get told that their item is worth the scammer's worthless item. A way to avoid this is to learn about value quickly and ask people nearby if it is worth or not.

Trick Item scam:

This scam is similar to the Value scam, but instead of telling the victim their item is worthless, they will trade a worthless plush that is out of game for good neon legendary pets.

For example, a scammer will get out a tombstone and use it. Quickly, they will switch to a worthless plush or toy that is out of the game, such as a Marsh Plush and say that it can make you "Invisible". A new player with lots of good pets will think that a worthless Marsh Plush is worth a lot, and add their best pets.

Video Thumbnail Scam:

In this kind of scam, the scammer will ask you to help them with a video thumbnail for an online video. They will say they are making a video, such as "Trading Only Food." The scammer will ask you to add a valuable pet to the trade menu and press accept, promising that they will screenshot it and decline. They will then accept the trade and usually leave the server. YouTubers would normally use alternate accounts and friend accounts to create thumbnails. Do not fall for this trick.

Can I borrow your XXX:

In this kind of scam, the scammer may pretend they are poor and ask to borrow a really good pet, then leave the game. In a different scenario, they could also ask to borrow an item that is not worth much, then gain your trust. Later on, they could ask to borrow a more valuable item, then leave the game.

Hacker Scam:

In this kind of scam, the scammer will pretend they are in your account. They will ask you to give them your items, threatening to steal them if you don't. You may prove they are trying to scam by asking them to list all of the items you have.

I'm Poor Scam

Similar to the borrow scam, however, this time, the player will ask for a pet or food permanently. They'll make their avatar look poor as possible, such as just wearing the default Roblox clothes, and then they'll sit on the main part of the map with a sad-looking expression. To guilt-trip people, they'll complain about how they're so kind and thoughtful while the world is cruel and ignorant. Though once you give them a pet of yours, they'll fake their enthusiasm and joy, and then either leave the server or stay to scam other players. Sometimes, they are truly poor and sometimes they are scammers.

I got scammed/hacked

This is a very similar version of the poor and borrow scams, but is used by people with Robux or Premium and is harder to expose. The scammer dresses up to look poor and asks for pets. The scammer tells them that they got scammed or hacked and lost all their pets, instead of saying their poor because people with Robux are supposedly not poor.

Rideable or flyable pet scam

In this situation, a player would hold out a specific ride or fly potion to catch the attention of others and make themselves trustworthy. They'll claim that they will "make your pet rideable or flyable" once you give it to them. Most of the time, they will deny feeding their potions to pets with lower value and only accept legendaries, which is an instantaneous clue to know that they're scamming. Once a pet is given, they'll immediately leave the server with no exceptions.

Congratulations! You won an XXX pet!

In this scam, players would hold a contest and claim that they're doing it for a YouTube video on their viral/well-known channel. For example, the contest would be something like a "valuable trade competition," where the player that gives the contest-holder their most expensive and costly pets wins several NFR pets that are not accessible in the game anymore. After all the players would reach out and give the most valuable pets they can possibly give, the scammer would leave the server.

Fake trading scam

One player will, notice'' someone else's toy, usually a toy that's not available anymore(from the last gifts or further) and pretend they would give really good stuff (neon shadow dragon, neon frost dragon, neon giraffe, etc.) for it. There is also a similar scam like, "OMG I saw you in Leah's video! She gave you that [random item]'' and pretend they will give good stuff as well. But people usually say no, as they think there will be some actual trades, like some people who actually trust, legendaries. The thing is, the people doing the fake trading scam usually know each other in real life, and had everything planned. Someone may have 2 accounts like he is acting that he would give his everything for a rainbow wand, which he has equipped on his another device. The things people usually do this with are polar bear plush, banana plush, horse plush, marsh plush, rainbow wand, etc.

Robux scam

In this scam, someone will tell you they will give you Robux if you give them an [XXX] item. Is someone in the server telling you that they would give 10,000 Robux for your FR panda? With 10K Robux, the person could buy tons of pandas, potions, and stuff. NEVER believe these scams. If you'd like to expose them, check their avatar. If it has all of the free items, you could be 100% sure they are fake. Check their profile as well. If they don't have a membership, they are lying too. You are able to send Robux only with a membership. Even if they do have a membership, don't give them anything.

Sometimes, when a random person or a scam bot comes to Adopt Me!, they send a message in the chat that will say "I got Tons of ROBUX using [XXX]! Go to [XXX] on your browser to get ROBUX instantly!" After they say it once or twice, they leave the game to go to another server. NOTE: All these free robux sites are fake and trying to steal your account. Please do not go to these websites! It’s pretty easy to detect these scams because the person saying it will never have picked to be a baby or a parent and their username would be white. If you see a scam bot in the server, report them.

Trading (Other Roblox Game item) For (Pets)

In this scam, someone will trade another Roblox game item for your pet. They will promise that it will be a valuable ( Game ) item. The scammer will ask you to trade your pet 1st and they will give you the ( Game ) item. However, if you managed to give them your pet, the scammer will leave. To avoid this scam, DO NOT trade people your stuff for other game items unless you both are friends, trust them, and know them irl.

Baby Scam

Let's say you're roleplaying with some random player you've never encountered. You give them showers, food, and drinks, until one bizarre day, they wake up from an expeditious sleep and eagerly stand next to your bed. "Mommy, it's my birthday!" They say, submissively waiting for you to bring something up. You reply with an ordinary, "Oh, cool! Happy birthday!" and immediately get to work on completing your Adopt Me tasks.

You thought the birthday discussion would end from there, however, your kid starts to scream in caps and shove their birthday in your face. After many bothersome hours of just constant screeching, you finally decide to give them a common pet from your depleted inventory, and with their dissatisfied expression, they wordlessly leave the house to discover a new "richer" parent.

To avoid this, just leave the game and join another server. Don't trust people and give things to them just because it's their "birthday".

Fancy Fonts Name Scam.png

"Fancy Fonts" Name Scam


Players who try to scam using this method can often be found in the main town square (basically in front of or near the Nursery) and offer to change your pet's name so they can be displayed as bubble letters or some other type of fancy font. They will also either have one of their own pets out with their name set to the font they're talking about or announce their offer by using the font.

Example of Fancy Fonts Scam

If you hand over a common/uncommon pet, you'll most likely get it back since it's just an ordinary pet. But if you hand over one of the higher-ups (such as an Ultra Rare or Legendary pet) then you might as well kiss that pet goodbye, as that's what they're really trying to gain from doing this. Once the person obtains said legendary from the victim, they'll suddenly log off, leaving them without their cherished pet.

Not many people are aware that anyone can find and use these fonts for their pet's names by searching the free font generators online; the fonts are not exclusive to the people who make these offers, they aren't paying to use them. A little research can go a long way to avoid getting scammed by these people.

"Other Player glitching"

Players will use this scam to get free pets. They say "I'll trade my XXX for your XXX". They open the trade window. The scammer simply adds nothing and waits for the other player to ask for them to add it. The scammer says "On my screen, I added it. You must be glitching." The other player believes it and follows through the trade.

"Trading Stars"

Players will offer Stars for your pets/items. Do not believe this, since you cannot trade stars at all. If someone says "I will offer XXX stars for your XXX!" Decline. They are a scammer.

The Real golden egg.

The Pet/Golden Egg Scam.

The scammer will put a pet egg named 'Golden Egg' in the trade box and trick you to believe that it's a Golden Egg. The trick to spotting these scammers is: The Pet Egg is rare but the Gold Egg is Legendary. It is a recent and popular scam, meaning that awareness is high, but lots of people still get scammed by it.

Update: The Adopt Me team has censored the world "Golden" for custom pet names. If you try to type it, it will come out as "####en".

The Sympathy Scam

The scammer will say things to try and gain your sympathy, such as "my grandma died yesterday and I am so sad" or "my dad has cancer and is in the hospital please give me free pets". They will try to make you feel sorry for them so that you will give them free items.

Trust Trade Scam

This one is (or should be) obvious. Trust traders are the ones who spam "ABC TO TRUST TRADE" in the chat a bunch of times. If you decide to go through with it, they'll ask you to put your item(s) in the trade window first and hit accept, and then they will give you their item(s) afterwards. But once they get a hold of your items, they'll log off. It's nearly impossible to find a reliable trust trader since you can never be too sure whether someone will scam you or not without trading first, and you're automatically putting your pets at risk when you do. Do not fall for this under any circumstances.

Note: The scammer will usually say it's for a YT video, or for a TikTok video. Real Youtubers don't film themselves trust trading, or they might not do it altogether. Tiktokers often do, and say they are filming, but it’s more often a scam with them.

Pet Sitting Scam

In this scam, people will randomly spam the chat with messages saying they will pet sit for free/XXX bucks. They will request the player to give them their pet so they can take care of it, and then leave the game with their pet and money. If you want someone to pet sit, just add them to your family. They can still handle your pet without being able to trade it or just take it and leave.

"Trades Don't Work" Scam

Players who use this method to scam are notorious for tricking their victims into trading their items first, all while assuring them they won't scam and that they can trust them. Once the trade is completed, the scammer will then suddenly pull some lame excuse such as, "Trade requests don't work for me," or claim the trading feature suddenly isn't working on their end. Do not trust them.

"What's a Scam?"

Some players often choose to play dumb and say things like, "What's a scam? I don't know what that is," when the other person tells them they don't want to get scammed.

Let's be real; they're most likely scamming people. Every player on Adopt Me with pets that are worth trading for will scam.

Misconception Scam

For this scam, people will combine the "no using trade" or trust trade scams and a new one. In this one, the scammer will pretend to notice someone's really good pet and give XXX item for it like NFR uni for NFR legendary blue dragon (really just a dragon balloon). It could be hard to tell the difference between it [dragon balloon] and a real blue dragon due to the handle color. For new players that have good stuff, they will not realize that blue dragons do not exist. They also usually don't use the trading system either. When someone trades with the scammer, they will say that they gave them something fake that looks like or has a similar name as it, laugh, and leave the server. People also do this with griffins and griffin propellers, with donuts and donut cycles, or anything else with the same word but trash item.

Emoji/Invisible Name Scam

This scam is very similar to the fancy fonts scam. Someone will show a pet with an invisible name or with cool emojis and say they will make your pet have those if you give it to them. If you give them a trash pet, they will give it back. But if you give them a legendary, they will leave the server. To avoid this, just get an emoji keyboard.

I can make your pet XXX color if you give it to me:

This scam is commonly demonstrated in YouTube videos. The scammer will claim that they can make your pet a certain color (most often golden) if you give it to them. Then the victim might ask for proof. Then the scammer takes out a non-golden pet (like a unicorn), a potion, feeds it to it and switches to a golden pet right when it's done eating. The victim will believe them and trade their pet to them and leave the server. Or, they might give it back then leave the server, with the pet unchanged, but this ending is less used.

"Can I borrow XXX to try?"

In this type of scam, the scammer will approach someone with either a special vehicle (like the Ice Cream Van) or (on a lesser scale) someone with a flying/riding pet, and ask them, "Can I try XXX? I'll give it back!" (People who do this may also use the "I'm a YouTuber/it's for a YT video," excuse.)

As the second statement usually seems convincing, the person with the item will often willingly trade it under the assumption that the person WILL give it back; which is usually their first mistake. The scammer will try it for a bit as they requested, and then fool the person into believing they'll give it back by sending a trade request and putting the "borrowed" item in the trade window.

From there, they'll suddenly decline the trade and then walk away with the now stolen item, leaving the victim frustrated and cheated out of their item. They will also (obviously) ignore any messages from the victim demanding to return the item or might even leave the server.

"I'm quitting Adopt Me so I'm giving away my XXX for free!"

In its scam, the scammer will say loudly in the chat something like "I'M QUITTING ADOPT ME SO I'M GIVING MY XXX (usually a good pet) AWAY!!!"

Usually, multiple players will respond, and that is when the scammer will say something like "let's do a color challenge. Whoever gives me the best pet of that color, gets the XXX." Then, after the player(s) give the scammer a good pet, the scammer will leave the game.

This DOES work on multiple people as well as just one person.

Fake giveaway scam

The scammer will say something along the lines of "First person to say [word] gets a free item" and when people say the word, the scammer will keep making excuses like "I didn't say go" and eventually, they claim you have to pay money or give the scammer something as an admission fee, and the scammer will leave the server or never say "go". Or they might give them a trash item, like food and they'll claim they they said "a free item" which could mean anything or everything.

YouTuber Scam

In this scam, the scammer will dress up as a YouTuber and go to the main map to attract people. Many people who see the person in disguise gives him/her pets and items. When the people are finished with giving to him/her, he or she leaves the game and never return.

Note: If their avatar is the same in the Roblox avatar, you need to see if they have the Video Star Creator Top Hat, otherwise they're just a scammer.

How to Prevent Getting Scammed

  • Don't buy anything with bucks by instinct! If something seems off, it is probably a scam.
  • Scammers will sometimes seem impatient for you to pay. They might say things like "Hurry up and pay" or "Pay me", or they might try to panic you by saying something like "Pay in the next 3 seconds, or the other person is winning the XXX".
  • Only use the Trading System to trade items.
  • Trade the items with other traders at the same time.
  • Do not give other traders your item first.
  • Never trust someone that you don't know.
  • Never let people borrow your pets.
  • Don't trade robux.

Even if you know the person in real life, they can still scam you, especially if you are gullible or new to the game.

  • If they don't leave the game after they scammed you, call the FBI
  • NEVER trade your best stuff for a random plush just because someone in the server said they would give everything for it. They are fake.
  • Never trust Robux scams or scam bots, as what scam bots are trying to do is hack your account.
  • If you see a scammer scamming someone, report them right away.
  • If you want someone to take care of your pets, invite the pet sitter to your family and leave your pet out. They will still be able to take care of it, without them actually owning it.
  • Only trade other Roblox game items with people you're friends with and you know irl. Even that can't always protect you!
  • Don't do trust trades with people unless you actually know them to prevent getting scammed, and added some collateral. Even that might not always work.

How to Detect Scammers

  • They will often say ignorant things like, "Whatever," or maybe even laugh it off in a petty way ("Lol") and then continue doing what they're doing.
  • They choose to play the victim, especially if they've been called out by someone. When this happens, they will handle it/respond with a grain of salt and say things like, "Can you stop," or "Go be rude on another server," or "Maybe if you were nice," to the person through private messages in order to avoid being exposed further and to attempt to reclaim their innocence.
  • Nobody in their right mind would sell a rare pet for a ridiculously cheap price unless they’re very very rich and have too much stuff. (Example: "SELLING NEON SHADOW DRAGON FOR $300 BUCKS) So if they do, then it's definitely a scam. Cheap price and rare pet to lure in victims. They also may use the "OMG THANK YOU FOR NOT SCAMMING ME" Scam to boost their chances as well. But if someone is selling a not-so-rare pet for cheap, then there's a better chance it's not a scam.
  • If you see a message about "Free Robux" in the chat, that means you found a scam bot. Just report them so they will get banned.

Methods to Avoid Getting Scammed

  • Try not to use this trick, it's kind of hurtful, but if you are unsure about someone with a "Shop" and is "selling items", you should say "I want XXX (pet), but you (another player) should go first" If they pay for their item and get it, this shop might not be a scam. But keep in mind though, that scammers can still scam you using the "OMG Thank you for not scamming me!" scam.
  • When you're in a "shop" and someone is selling items, say this to them. "To prevent both of us from scamming, I will trade my XXX (Not very good pet) for your XXX (The pet they're selling), and THEN I will pay. After I pay, you give back the pet I traded for your XXX (The pet they're selling). If you leave the server before I pay, then you lose your money. If I leave the server before I pay, I lose the pet I gave you. Is this fair?" Now, this method has many problems and holes in it. But people in the Adopt Me community will most likely have too little IQ to understand how this may not work. If they say "no" to your little method, then it's most likely a scam. (This can still be unreliable, use at your own risk.)