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A money scammer would send this kind of letter. Although cash registers are disabled now they can still scam you through lemonade stands or hotdog stands by making you pay a certain amount and leaving the server.

Scams or scamming is an immoral way to obtain items such as vehicles, pets, or toys in Adopt Me. Scammers are players that intend to obtain valuable items from other players using unjust means.

These types of players are easy to run into in Adopt Me. Players are strongly advised to avoid any sort of offers that don't involve the game's traditional trading system, carefully inspect the items they are trading for, and let other players know if they are aware that a scammer is present on the server. There is a warning before you trade anything for the first time you trade on your game. There also used to be a warning before you used a cash register, however cash registers have been disabled as of April 3rd. There are many different methods of scamming, and the worst scammers tend to use a variety of these tricks.

Types of Scams

"It's For My XXX Family Member Who Wants It" Scam

In this scam method, the scammer will seek someone with a really good pet, usually a high-tier legendary, such as a Giraffe, Golden Unicorn, or Shadow/Frost Dragon and will say something like "May I please have that XXX for my sister? She has cancer, and her dream pet is an/a XXX." And will continue talking about a family member that may or may not be real. The victim feels bad for whoever the scammer is, and gives them the pet. The scammer then shows fake gratitude and leaves the game. A way to recognize this is to ask for their sibling‘s account, so you can give it to them directly. Be careful though, because their family member could be real, but not play Adopt Me!, or the scammer could use their sibling as bait, or use their alt account instead of their sibling's.

Fake YouTuber Scam

In this scam, the scammer will say something like “Giving away Neon Frost Dragons and Shadow Dragons to my fans!” They usually either have people with them react and say “Omg! I can’t believe you're in my game” who are friends with them. Then other people will catch on and think they are famous. Then they make their move. They say something like “Oh, I’m [Famous YouTuber]'s backup." People sometimes believe them and give them stuff. Always remember, YouTubers don't say that they're doing a challenge in the chat. Most YouTubers, as you've seen, don't even want to be noticed by their fans unless doing a meet-and-greet.

"Selling A(n) XXX For XXX Bucks!”

In this scam, the scammer will throw a party. and say they're selling their items for bucks in their invite. For example, they might say they are selling a Unicorn for 100 Bucks, or they might do it for a crazy amount, like 1000 Bucks. They might also say "Trading NFR Unicorn! Whoever pays the most money will win!" They will insist that you pay them first and that after you pay them they will give you the item. However, people almost always leave the game without giving you the item they promised you. Do not buy items from people using bucks unless you trust them as a friend (but even that can't always protect you) However, some people use this method to sell items they don’t need to make a little extra money. Because cash registers have been disabled, people use Ice Cream Vans, Hotdog Stands, and Lemonade Stands for this scam.


This is probably the most deceiving scam, other than the I got scammed/hacked scam. This type of scam is just like the "Selling a(n) XXX for XXX Bucks" scam, but the scammer has an accomplice, which could be a friend or alternate account. The host of the party will be "selling" items for money and the accomplice will pretend that they've successfully bought a pet from the person. (Example: They will equip one of the pets the party host is selling and say something like "OMG, THANK YOU FOR NOT SCAMMING ME") This method will convince others that you can obtain pets from this party and the victims will most likely pay all they have for the pets. There is a way to tell whether or not this is a scam. If the accomplice (Player who has "successfully" gotten a pet from the party host) is on the party hoster's friends list, it's a hoax. If the party host asks for the pet or item back, it would be more likely to be a hoax. Do not fall for this scam, even if the accomplice is not on the scammer's friend list, because the scammer could temporarily unfriend them to make people think they are not friends.

Give Me Your XXX Item And I Will Give You My XXX Item After You Give Me Yours!

Scam Incident in Adopt Me (Roblox)

Scam Incident in Adopt Me (Roblox)

Video footage of this particular type of scam. (Check the description of the video on YouTube for a rundown of the situation.)

In this kind of scam, the scammer will give you some reason that they cannot use the trading system, such as their Trading Menu is broken. Or they will often announce something like, "Give me (this item) and I'll give you an NFR Legendary!"

When it comes to making the exchange, they'll ask you to give them the item first, and THEN they will give you the items you want -- or that's what they want you to believe, anyway. If you give them what they wanted, they will either leave the game or never give you the item and ignore you.

(F.Y.I: The trading menu ALWAYS works! If they say it doesn't, then they probably turned their trades off on purpose.)

Trust Trading

Trust trading is arguably the most common scam, next to the "I'm Poor" trick. This scam involves pressing the accept button on your rare pets/item(s) for the other person's bad pet/item(s) or empty trade box. The point in this scam is to trust that they won't also hit the accept button. People tend to fall for this scam because they enjoy the rush and thrill of this 'game', or are promised a valuable pet or item in return for playing. Friends and people you know may also try to scam you using this method by claiming that you don't trust them if you don't want to trust trade with them. You can tell that this is a scam because the scammer will usually tell you to go first. If you say" can you please go first I do not want to get scammed" to the scammer and the scammer says"No, you go first" then the person may not want to get scammed, or is an actual scammer.

Pet Duplication

In this kind of scam, the person will claim that they can "duplicate" any pets. The scammer will say that if you give them any pet, they will duplicate it. If the pet is common, uncommon, or rare, you will usually get it back, as scammers only want valuable pets, They also do this to gain your trust. Once you give them a valuable pet, they typically leave the game. Sometimes, the scammer will have a backup account and use the “THANK YOU FOR NOT SCAMMING ME!” scam to make people think it's not a scam. It is impossible to duplicate any pets in Adopt Me! To avoid this scam, just don't give them your pet. If you want to test them, then give them a relatively common pet that they likely wouldn't have in their inventory. If they can't "duplicate" it for whatever reason, then you've found a scammer. 

Value Scam:

In this scam, the scammer tells a new player with a valuable pet that their item is worth the scammer's less-valuable pet. A way to avoid this scam is to ask people nearby if it is worth it or not. You can also go onto W/F/L on the official 'Adopt Me!' discord or this Adopt Me! Wikia and ask if the trade is worth it. You can also hold onto your items until you learn the value of them.

Trick Item Scam

This scam is similar to the Value scam, but instead of telling the victim their item is worthless, they will trade a worthless plush that is out of the game for good neon legendary pets. For example, a scammer will get out a tombstone and hold it, which will make him invisible. Quickly, they will switch it for a worthless plush or toy that is out of the game, such as a Marsh Plush, and say that it can make you "Invisible". A new player with lots of good pets will think that a worthless Marsh Plush is worth a lot and add their best pets or items. The scammer will most likely leave the game afterward, leaving the victim with a worthless item.

Video Thumbnail Scam

In this scam, the scammer will ask you to help them with a video thumbnail for an online video. They will say they are making a video such as "Trading Only Food." The scammer will ask you to add a valuable pet to the trade menu and press accept, promising that they will screenshot it and decline. They will then accept the trade and usually leave the server. Youtubers would normally use alternate accounts and friend accounts to create thumbnails. Do not fall for this trick.

Can I Borrow Your XXX

In this kind of scam, the scammer may pretend they are poor and ask to borrow a really good pet, then leave the game. In a different scenario, they could also ask to borrow an item that is not worth much, then gain your trust. Later on, they could ask to borrow a more valuable item, then leave the game.

Hacker Scam:

In this kind of scam, the scammer will pretend they are in your account. They will ask you to give them your items, threatening to steal them if you don't. To avoid this scam, ask them to list all of the items you have. If they refuse or say they can't see, then you've run into a scammer.

"I’m Poor" Scam

Similar to the borrow scam, however, this time, the player will ask for a pet or food permanently. They'll make their avatar look as poor as possible, such as just wearing the default Roblox clothes, and then they'll sit on the main part of the map with a sad-looking expression. To guilt-trip people, they'll complain about how they're so kind and thoughtful while the world is cruel and ignorant. Once you give them a pet or item, they'll fake their enthusiasm and joy, then either leave the server or stay to scam other players. Poor people would not sit around while they ask for pets, they will also try to earn their pets themselves. Also, watch out for the 'I'm Poor and Don't Have a House/I am Homeless type, since its impossible to not have a house, because you obtain a Tiny Home when you first start playing. There is a way to expose this, by typing /console in the chat or pressing F9 on your computer, you can open the Developer Console, and search their username. Then their money will appear, but this has some holes in it. A scammer could transfer all their items and money to their backup account, and buy themselves a tiny home to make them look poor. Also, a player's money will not appear if they don't earn any money, by taking care of their pet or from the 20 bucks paycheck.

I Got Scammed/Hacked

This is a very similar version of the poor and borrow scams, but can be used by people with Robux or Premium and is much harder to expose. The scammer dresses up to look poor and asks for pets. The scammer tells them that they got scammed or hacked and lost all their pets instead of saying they're poor. This is one of the most deceiving scams, as anyone could get hacked, and checking their Roblox avatar doesn't usually work either, because you cannot sell items you bought with robux. But, they could put temporarily on a noob avatar to convince people.

Ride or Fly Pet Scam

In this situation, a player would hold out a specific ride or fly potion to catch the attention of others and make themselves trustworthy. They'll then claim that they will "make your pet rideable or flyable." They will typically deny feeding their potions to pets with lower value and only accept legendaries, which is an instantaneous clue to know that they're scamming. Once a pet is given, they'll immediately leave the server. Avoid this by telling them to give you their potion or feed it to your pet of low-value, such as a dog or bandicoot. If they say no, they are a scammer. Or you can directly ask them, "Why can't you trade the potion to me?".

Congratulations! You Won a Pet! Scam

In this scam, players would hold a contest and claim that they're doing it for a YouTube video on their viral/well-known channel. For example, the contest would be something like a "valuable trade competition," where the player that gives the contest-holder their most expensive and costly pets wins several MFR pets that are not accessible in the game anymore. (Ex: Shadow Dragon, Frost Dragon, Giraffe, etc.) The scammer will usually have a backup account or some friends to make people believe it's not a scam, by pretending to give pets or actually giving them (in the case of alt accounts used) After a player gives the most valuable pets they own, the scammer leaves the server.

Fake Trading Scam

One player will notice someone else's toy, usually, a toy that's not available anymore (from the last gifts or further), and pretend they would give really good stuff (a Neon Shadow Dragon, a Neon Frost Dragon, a Neon Giraffe, etc.) for it. There is also a similar scam like, "OMG I saw you in Leah's video! She gave you [random item] and pretend they will give good stuff as well. But people usually say no, as they think there will be some actual trades, like some people who they trust legendaries. The thing is, the people doing the fake trading scam usually know each other in real life, and has everything planned. Someone may have 2 accounts; for example they are acting that he would give every item they own for a rainbow wand, which he/she has equipped on his/her other account. The things people usually do this with are polar bear plush, banana plush, horse plush, marsh plush, rainbow wand, etc.

Robux Scam

In this scam, someone will tell you they will give you Robux if you give them an [XXX] item. Is someone in the server telling you that they would give 10,000 Robux for your fly ride panda? See, it doesn't make sense. With 10K Robux, the person could buy tons of pandas and potions. NEVER believe these scams. If you'd like to expose them, check their avatar. If it has all of the free items, you can 100% be sure. Check their profile as well. If they don't have Premium membership, they might ask you to join a group instead. You can send Robux only with membership or a group. Even if they do have a membership, don't give them any credit. Sometimes, when a random person or a scam bot comes to Adopt Me!, they send a message in the chat that will say "I got Tons of ROBUX using [XXX]! Go to [XXX] on your browser to get ROBUX instantly!" After they say it once or twice, they leave the game to go to another server. NOTE: All these free Robux sites are fake and trying to steal your account. Please do not go to these websites! It’s pretty easy to detect these scams because the person saying it will never have picked to be a baby or a parent and their username would be white.

Trading (Other Roblox Game item) For (Pets)

In this scam, someone will trade another Roblox game item for your pet. They will promise that it will be a valuable [Game] item. The scammer will ask you to trade your pet first and they will give you the [Game] item after. However, if you managed to give them your pet, the scammer will most likely leave. Examples of other game items include Royale High items, Bloxburg cash, etc. This is also known as cross-trading.

This egg Will Hatch Into a Legendary XXX Scam

This scam is extremely obvious, however, players can sometimes fall for it. How this scam works is that a user would trade an egg to a trader with a valuable pet, and try to convince them that their egg will eventually hatch to a Legendary XXX pet. They can provide some brainwashing evidence, such as, "I hacked the game so that this egg can hatch into a legendary pet." "This egg is not obtainable anymore, so now the developers of Adopt Me! scripted it so that it can hatch a legendary every single time." (Or something like that.) They'll give you the egg if you accept, and there are most likely to be chances of getting pets that are lower than that value once it hatches.

Baby Scam

Let's say you're roleplaying with some random player you've never encountered. You give them showers, food, and drinks, until one bizarre day, they wake up from an expeditious sleep and eagerly stand next to your bed. "Mommy, it's my birthday!" They say, submissively waiting for you to bring something up. You reply with an ordinary, "Oh, cool! Happy birthday!" and immediately get to work on completing your Adopt Me tasks. You thought the birthday discussion would end from there, however, your kid starts to scream in and shove their birthday in your face. After many bothersome hours of just constant screeching, you finally decide to give them a common pet or a small gift from your depleted inventory, and with their dissatisfied expression, they wordlessly leave the house to discover a new "richer" parent. To avoid this, just leave the game and join another server. Don't trust people and give things to them just because it's their "birthday".
Image (2)

"Fancy Fonts" Name Scam

Players who try to scam using this method can often be found in the main town square (basically in front of or near the Nursery and offer to change your pet's name so they can be displayed as bubble letters or some other type of fancy font. They will also either have one of their pets out with their name set to the font they're talking about or announce their offer by using the font.
Image (3)

Example of Fancy Fonts Scam

If you hand over a common/uncommon pet, you'll most likely get it back since it's just an ordinary pet. But if you hand over one of the higher-ups (such as an Ultra Rare or Legendary pet) then you might as well kiss that pet goodbye, as that's what they're trying to gain from doing this.

Once the person obtains said legendary from the victim, they'll suddenly log-off, leaving them without their cherished pet. Not many people are aware that anyone can find and use these fonts for their pet's names by searching for free copy-paste font generators online; the fonts are not exclusive to the people who make these offers, they aren't paying to use them. A little research can go a long way to avoid getting scammed by these people.

"Other Player Glitching"

Players will use this scam to get free pets. They say "I'll trade my XXX for your XXX". They open the trade window. The scammer simply adds nothing and waits for the other player to ask for them to add it. The scammer says "On my screen, I added it. You must be glitching." The other player believes it and follows through the trade.

”Auction Scam”

Players will host auctions to scam others to get pets. Normally they will have another account to pretend to be an actual player so the conversation will go as “Whoever gives me the most pets wins XXX (usually something not available anymore)". They will pretend that their alternate account is giving them pets when in reality it isn’t. The other players will offer many pets and after the auction is over the scammer will leave the game.

"Trading Stars"

Players will offer Stars for your pets/items. Do not believe this, since you cannot trade stars at all. If someone says "I will offer XXX stars for your XXX!" Decline. They are a scammer.

The Pet/Golden Egg Scam

The scammer will put a pet egg named 'Golden Egg' in the trade box and trick you to believe that it's a Golden Egg. The trick to spotting these scammers is: The Pet Egg is rare but the Gold Egg is Legendary. It is a recent and popular scam, meaning that awareness is high, but lots of people still get scammed by it. When the dress your pet update came out, you could not dress up eggs, and dressing up can also be naming an egg so they have stopped this scam from going further. When diamond eggs get released in the near future, this scam will not work at all because eggs cannot be named regardless of whether the word "Diamond" is censored or not.
Golden Egg

A real golden egg.

Update: The Adopt Me Team has made the word "Golden" censored in pet names and has become "####en". However, in a Golden Rat or a Golden Penguin, if you do not change the name of the pet, it will still say Golden Rat or Golden Penguin, instead of saying “####en”.

The Sympathy Scam

The scammer will say things to try and gain your sympathy, such as "my grandma died yesterday and I am so sad" or "my dad has cancer and is in the hospital please give me free pets". They will try to make you feel sorry for them so that you will give them free items.

Pet Sitting Scam

In this scam, people will randomly spam the chat with messages saying they will pet sit for free/XXX bucks. They will request the player to give them their pet so they can take care of it, and then leave the game with their pet and/or money. If you want someone to petsit, just add them to your family. They can still handle your pet without being able to trade it or just take it and leave.

"Trades Don't Work" Scam

Players who use this method to scam are notorious for tricking their victims into trading their items first, all while assuring them they won't scam and that they can trust them. Once the trade is completed, the scammer will then suddenly pull some lame excuse such as, "Trade requests don't work for me," or claim the trading feature suddenly isn't working on their end. Do not trust them.

"What's a Scam?"

Some players often choose to play dumb and say things like, "What's a scam? I don't know what that is," when the other person tells them they don't want to get scammed. Let's be real; they're most likely scamming people. Every player that has pets worth trading who "doesn't know what a scam is" will scam.

Misconception Scam

For this scam, people will combine the "no using trade" or trust trade scams and a new one. In this one, people will pretend to notice someone's good pet and give XXX item for it like NFR uni for NFR legendary blue dragon (really just a dragon balloon). It could be hard to tell the difference between it [dragon balloon] and a real blue dragon due to the handle color. For new players that have good stuff, they will not realize that blue dragons do not exist. They also usually don't use the trading system either. When someone trades with the scammer, they will say that they gave them something fake that looks like or has a similar name as it, laugh, and leave the server. People also do this with griffins and griffin propellers, with donuts and donut cycles, or anything else with the same word but trash item.

Emoji/Invisible Name Scam

This scam is very similar to the fancy fonts scam. Someone will show a pet with an invisible name or with cool emojis and say they will make your pet have those if you give it to them. If you give them a trash pet, they will give it back. But if you give them a legendary, they will leave the server. To avoid this, just search up a tutorial or use a copy and paste emoji website.

I Can Make Your Pet XXX Color If You Give It To Me

This scam is commonly demonstrated in YouTube videos. The scammer will claim that they can make your pet a certain color (most often golden) if you give it to them. Then the victim might ask for proof. Then the scammer takes out a non-golden pet (like a unicorn), a potion (like a small sip potion), feeds it to the pet and switches to a golden pet right when it's done eating, so it looks like the pet transformed into a golden one. The victim will believe them and trade their pet to them and the scammer will leave the server with your cherished pet. The easy way to detect this is to see if the pet names are different between the two pets or the aging levels, but most scammers could easily change that.

”Super Rare” Pet From Item

This scam is where a scammer will trick another player into thinking a worthless item will give you a super rare pet or item if you eat/use it. The player will trade a very good pet for it thinking it is a good trade. When the trade is complete, the scammer will leave the game and the player will realize that it was all a scam.

"Can I Borrow XXX To Try?"

In this type of scam, the scammer will approach someone with either a special new vehicle (like the Ice Cream Van), a different vehicle (usually one that's retired) or (on a lesser scale) someone with a flying/riding pet/legendary and ask them, "Can I try XXX? I'll give it back!" (People who do this may also use the "I'm a YouTuber/it's for a YT video," excuse.) As the second statement usually seems convincing, the person with the item will often willingly trade it under the assumption that the person WILL give it back; which is usually their first mistake. The scammer will try it for a bit as they requested, and then fool the person into believing they'll give it back by sending a trade request and putting the "borrowed" item in the trade window. Then, they will leave the server as doing this will automatically decline the trade.

"I'm Quitting Adopt Me So I'm Giving Away My XXX For free!"

In this scam, the scammer will say loudly in the chat something like "I'm QUITTING ADOPT ME SO I'M GIVING MY XXX (usually a good pet) AWAY!!!" Usually, multiple players will respond, and that is when the scammer will say something like "let's do a color challenge. Whoever gives me the best pet of that color, gets XXX." Then, after the player(s) give the scammer a good pet, the scammer will leave the game and the victims will realize it was all a lie.

Fake Giveaway Scam

The scammer will say something along the lines of "The first person to say [word] gets a free item" and when people say the word, the scammer will keep making excuses like "I didn't say go" and eventually, they claim you have to pay money or give the scammer something like an admission fee, and the scammer will leave the server or never say "go". Or they might give them a trash item, like food and they'll claim they said: "a free item" which could mean anything or anything.

Neon Pet Scam

The scammer will say "Say [word] if you want me to make your pet neon" and when someone takes the bait and says the word, the scammer will tell them to trade their pet(s) that they would like to have neon versions of. Once the victim trades their pets, the scammer leaves them with nothing. This is similar to the duplicating pets scam, and they just want you to believe that they will make a neon. A good way to detect this is to say "if you can do that then show me a {Legendary} and make it neon".

Whoever Gets My XXX Wins My XXX

In this scam, the scammer has a common item and says "Whoever gets my (common item) wins my XXX". The thing is that the scammer is 'giving away' is normally a legendary, which tempts the victim to do the trade. The scammer will accept when a victim trades a good pet/item and will leave.

The Betray Scam

In this scam, the scammer will find a victim with good items and manipulate them into friending them. They will often ask the victim to play Adopt Me or other Roblox games to gain their trust. After the scammer thinks the victim trusts them, they will use the sympathy scam or the "Can I borrow your XXX" scam on them. Due to them being 'friends', the victim will more likely give the scammer free stuff, or let them borrow their items. Once the victim gives the scammer the items, the scammer will leave the game and unfriend the victim. If the victim refuses, the scammer will shame them, unfriend them, and find a new victim. In rare circumstances, these scammers may even ask for your personal information. NEVER share your personal information with anybody.

Trading 4+ Items for XXX Item

For this scam, people will offer more than four items for something (eg. 4 unicorns [one fly one ride and two normal] a dragon and a massive gift for an NFR FG unicorn). The scammer promises the victim that they will add the two extra items after they give them the neon unicorn. Then when they trade, the scammer puts the items worth the least (the dragon, the massive gift, and the two unicorns not fly or ride) and after both sides accept, the scammer will leave the server, and the victim will be left without their whole offer and scammed out of their neon unicorn. A way to avoid this is to not trade more than four items on either side unless you ABSOLUTELY TRUST THEM, or to add collateral to the trade.

Mega Neon Pet Scam

In this scam, someone takes out a mega neon pet. Someone puts in their offer for the pet and while they're adding pets/items, the scammer switches the mega neon pet for a normal neon. The victim accepts the trade and the scammer leaves. A way to avoid this scam is to check if the M turns into an N and if the icon turns green before you accept the trade.

Dream Pet Scam

In this scam, the scammer adds their 'dream pet' in their name, which is usually a legendary. If they find someone with their 'dream pet', they will ask them to get it for free. If the player refuses, the scammer will follow and beg the player. If the player gives them the pet, they will pretend to be happy and join another server with a new 'dream pet'. A way to avoid this is to ignore them or leave the server.


In this scam, the scammer has two accounts on the same game. From the main account, the scammer says " e.g. TRADING MY SHADOW FOR A DOUGLAS!". The item they want to obtain will be on their other account, equipped. The scammer in the other account says "TRADING A DOUGLAS", the players go his other account with the item, give him good things for the item the scammer wants (in this case the Douglas), and the other account exits the game. Their main account acts like being AFK, and, then, they leave the game.

"You Can Add Me" Scam

In this scam, the scammer can use all the ways of scamming, but he or she says "You can add me" to make you believe that he or she is not a scammer. Don't believe in this cause the scammer can unfriend you after, and they might not even accept your request in the first place!


In this scam, the scammer will trade a Flyable Rideable pet for a common toy. "e.g TRADING FR GIRAFFE FOR BAUBLE BALLOON! (ONLY WANT [USERNAME'S!!])" After having a successful trade with the owner of the item the scammer wants, the scammer along with the other player will leave. The other player is typically a friend of the scammer.

Hacking Scam

In this scam, the scammer uses exploits to change things like speed or teleport around or do other obvious exploits. The scammer will claim that they will show the person being scammed how to do it if they give them a good item, once the scammer gets the item they leave with it. This is similar to the Duplicate Scam.

The "If you help me level up XXX for my neon, I'll give you XXX"

Here is an example: "If you help me level up my dog, I'll give you a parrot" So, if you follow through an agreement like this, just know that they will likely NOT give you a XXX (usually a legendary). The scammer might say something like, "Oh, well its FR so you have to level up another one first, then I swear I'll give it to you!" This is wasting your time, so just don't do it. They will not give you the pet they promised.

The "New (Pre-) Update Egg scam"

In this scam, someone says that they have a non-existing egg and that they are trading it. And the scammer says to trade all their best items for it. And the scammer gets out a pet egg and name it "XXX Egg"(the name of whatever egg they're "trading". Don't fall for this since the founders will not pick "special" people to give pre-update eggs to. This scam doesn't work anymore, as after the dress your pet update came out, naming pets was moved to the dress-up section, like in your avatar, and you cannot dress up eggs.

The "Fail Trade" Scam

In this scam, the scammer will put on their best items, eg an FR or NFR legendary as well as a bad toy or food. They will then give the victim that food, accept, and the trade will fail. The scammer then tells the victim to try it with one of their common pets. The trade will fail, leading the victim to believe it is a harmless hack. Then, they will say: "Try it with your best pets!" The victim does it with their best pets, adds the food, gives that food item to the scammer, and accepts. The scammer will then give the victim back the food, accept, and log off, leaving the victim without their best pets.

Youtuber Disguise Scam

In this a scam where a user dresses up like a YouTuber. People who see him/her will say things like "OMG!(YouTuber) is in the game trading!" These people are usually the scammer's friend or alt accounts helping them. People will give them items whatever value but if they receive a legendary, they could leave or stay until their legendary items get stolen. If you see some named like this (name) that means it is a fake version of a YouTuber. This scam can be hard, as the Adopt Me! team has removed some items in the catalog that some YouTubers wear in their avatar (Example: Honey the Unicorn Plushie)

Social Media Scam

Unlike the “Youtube Disguise Scam”, here, the scammer will say something along the lines of “Let’s Trust trade for xxx!” The scammer will often do a pretend intro to try to get the victim to believe them. Often, if the player asks their username/name on that social media platform, they will leave, fake hashtags to make people think their [non-existent] name is not showing up or give a fake name.

Free Pets Go To Gamepass Tap To Buy Scam

This scam is another game outside of Adopt Me!, commonly found on the front page. It will show a commonly wanted or high-value pet, which then the player would need to buy to ‘get’ it. They’re normally set for a decent amount of Robux, but when the player purchases their desired pet, they don’t actually receive it. (Note: you should never sell or buy pets outside of Adopt Me!. You should trade with in-game pets)

Building House Scam

The scammer will ask people to help them build in their house or throw a party, and when people respond and arrive at their house, the scammer will add them as builders using their Build with Friends stand, then ask the victims to pay him/her budget to use in their builds because they are [pretending to be] out of money with their stand, which after they will put into their budget. Then, after everyone has paid, the scammer will remove all the victims from the Build with Friends stand, retrieve the budget (which goes directly into the scammer's money), and leave. A way to avoid this is to avoid building for anyone, but if you really want to build for someone, then add a collateral. Keep in mind the scammer could use the OMG TY FOR NOT SCAMMING ME scam to make them look innocent.

Gamepass In Other Game for Pets Scam


In this scam, the scammer makes a game and puts up gamepasses saying that if you buy it, you will get a certain Adopt Me pet. The pets in the gamepasses are usually very rare and valuable. If someone buys the gamepass, they won't get the pet and will waste their robux. NEVER go into games like this or click ads that mention getting legendary Adopt Me pets! They are trying to steal your robux! The picture shows an example of what these games look like.

Login For Pets Scam

Similar to the Gamepass In Other Game For Pets Scam, the scammer will make a game pretending to be Adopt Me. The description of the game would be saying that if you join, you will receive free Adopt Me pets. These pets usually include legendaries. However, the game tells you to put in your password to get your "free pets". Whoever puts in their password will lose their account. NEVER give you password to anyone! The picture in Gamepass In Other Game for Pets Scam shows an example of what these games look like.

Group Scam

Similar to the "Login For Pets Scam" This one the scammer will go to a popular group, such as the Ashe Army then post "I got a MFR Giraffe by joining this game" a ton of times and ask for your password, or sell gamepasses to get the pets and then you wont get the pets.

Secret Glitched Pet Scam

Somebody will take out a pet with the potions found in the Potion Shop, then say it's a glitched pet and trade it for some rare items. They can also say that the pet is glitched and does something special e. g. it makes you run fast or it gives free luck.

How to Prevent Getting Scammed

  • If someone says that they will give you a good legendary pet after you trust trade, or help them with a thumbnail it is almost ALWAYS a scam.
  • Believe it or not, there are too many bad people in this world. Always be wary and learn to not blindly trust everyone.
  • Don't buy anything with bucks by instinct! If something seems off, it is probably a scam.
  • Scammers will sometimes seem impatient for you to pay. They might say things like "Hurry up and pay" or "Pay me", or they might try to panic you by saying something like "Pay in the next 3 seconds, or the other person is winning the XXX". The "other person" could be an alt account of theirs or a friend.
  • Only use the Trading System to trade items. Trade the items with other traders at the same time.
  • Do not give other traders your item first.
  • Watch out for people that spam a lot on the chat like, "ABC if you want to trust trade for my frost!"
  • If you are going to buy a pet from someone's "shop", like a dragon, ask them to take out the dragon so you can see it with your own eyes. If they keep stalling and they don't take it out, leave immediately and warn others to not go there. Even if they take it out, you should not believe them.
  • Never trust someone that you don't know.
  • Never let people borrow your pets or items.
  • Even if you know the person in real life, they can still scam you, especially if you are gullible or new to the game.
  • If they don't leave the game after they scammed you, report them immediately.
  • NEVER trade your best stuff for a random plush just because someone in the server said they would give everything for it. They are fake.
  • Never trust Robux scams, and keep in mind that people would never sell their high-value items for a super cheap Robux price in a game (Example: 165 R$ for a CC)
  • If you see a scammer scamming someone, report them right away. Not on their profile cause it doesn’t work. Report it on chat!
  • If you want someone to take care of your pets, invite the pet sitter to your family, and leave your pet out. They will still be able to take care of it, without them actually owning it.
  • Only trade other Roblox game items with people you're friends with and you know in real life. Even that can't always protect you!
  • If they try to scam you, then leave the server and play another server.
  • Adopt Me! cannot retrieve your pets after being scammed since they are not Roblox staff which means they cannot track down details.
  • Don't trade more than four items on either side unless you trust them and know them in real life, but they could still scam you.
  • If you want your pet to have fancy font/emoji names, go online, and find a website that you can copy and paste them into your pet names. Don't give pets to people just because they say they will change the font because there is a high chance you will get scammed.
  • Try not to use this trick as it's kind of hurtful, but if you are unsure about someone with a "Shop" and is "selling items", you should say "I want XXX (pet), but (another player) should go first" If they pay for their item and get it, this shop might not be a scam. But keep in mind though, that scammers can still scam you using the "OMG thank you for not scamming me!" scam.
  • When you're in a "shop" and someone is selling items, say this to them. "To prevent both of us from scamming, I will trade my XXX (Not very good pet) for your XXX (The pet they're selling), and THEN I will pay. After I pay, you give back the pet I traded for your XXX (The pet they're selling). If you leave the server before I pay, then you lose your money. If I leave the server before I pay, I lose the pet I gave you. Is this fair?" Now, this method has many problems and holes in it. But people in the Adopt Me! community will most likely have too little IQ to understand how this may not work. If they say "no" to your little method, then it's most likely a scam. (This can still be unreliable, use at your own risk.)
  • Don't trade with the scammer, it's simple.
  • If you see a message about "Free Robux" in the chat, that means you found a scam bot. Just report them so they will get banned.
  • For most scams, try questioning the scammer to poke holes through her plan. For example, during the Ride or Fly Scam, try asking the scammer why they can't feed the potion to their pet themselves or trade it to you, or in the Fancy Fonts Scam ask them "Why don't you give me the app or the site", would probably make an answer come up that would prove that they are scammer, yet some scammers might have it all planned.
  • Watch out for the most common misconceptioned items that scammers might tell you it's worth a lot (Example: rainbow wand, creator rattles, marsh plush, unicorn plushie, etc.) If someone tells you this, then they are probably a scammer. Even if these items are not available anymore, they are not worth your neon legendaries.
  • To expose the I'm Poor Scam, you could check their avatar, profile, and their inventory to see if they have robux, if they do, then they are probably scamming.

How to Detect Scammers

  • They will often say ignorant things like, "Whatever," or maybe even laugh it off in a petty way ("Lol") and then continue doing what they're doing.
  • They choose to play the victim, especially if they've been called out by someone. When this happens, they will handle it/respond with a grain of salt and say things like, "Can you stop," or "Go be rude on another server," or "Maybe if you were nice," to the person through private messages in order to avoid being exposed further and to attempt to reclaim their innocence. They may also try and accuse the victim of being the scammer, therefore making themselves (the ACTUAL scammer) seem like the victim.
  • Nobody in their right mind would sell a rare pet for a ridiculously cheap price unless they’re very very generous. (Example: "SELLING NEON SHADOW DRAGON FOR $300 BUCKS) So if they do, then it's surely a scam. Cheap price and rare pet to lure in innocent children. They also may use the "OMG THANK YOU FOR NOT SCAMMING ME!" scam to boost their chances as well. Overall, remember that people would never sell rare stuff for cheap prices unless they have too many of them or they really hate them.
  • Try not to use this trick, it's kind of hurtful, but if you are unsure about someone with a "Shop" and is "selling items", you should say "I want XXX (pet), but you (another player) should go first" If they pay for their item and get it, this shop might not be a scam. But keep in mind though, that scammers can still scam you using the "OMG Thank you for not scamming me!" scam.
  • Some scammers make up an excuse for trust trading, saying something like "Oh! I have trust issues, so I do trust trading."
  • Never trust a scammer. Scammers always make it sound like they are your friend and will never scam you. However, in many cases, the scammer says something along the lines of, "I promise I won't scam you!" THOSE ARE JUST EMPTY PROMISES!
  • If you are not sure if the person is a scammer it's best to not trust them. Especially in the trust trades. It's best to not trust anyone you do not know.

Now beware, never get scammed! Adopt Me! cannot protect you if that happens.

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