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Santa is an NPC who can be found in front of the Gifts Display. His purpose is to sell Gifts to players. At the Gifts stand, players can buy and open gifts to acquire toys, strollers, vehicles, and pet accessories. Behind Santa, there is a Gift board showing the various items currently obtainable from the Gifts stand, categorized into their rarities. Players can obtain the legendary vehicle or pet accessory from the gifts, which rotates once a week.


Santa has two outfits; one with red and white swim trunks, and another with the traditional Santa outfit. He has a waving animation.


This is what Santa says when you speak to him:

"Why hello there little one! This is how I make my money to afford giving so many gifts away on Christmas Day! I packed all of these gifts with love, but one especially has a legendary vehicle you can drive! I hope you pick the right one because I don't know which gift has a legendary vehicle in it!"

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