The Santa's SleighΒ is a two-seater legendary vehicle that was only obtainable as a gift in the 2019 Christmas Event. It can now only be obtained through trading with other players.

Handling & Speed

The Santa's Sleigh is a large vehicle, making it rather slow. It is, however, faster than the Ice Queen Sleigh and the Sled, making it the fastest vehicle available in the 2019 Christmas Event. The Santa's Sleigh's handling also leaves a lot to be desired, but this can also be a benefit if players are used to driving at slow speeds. The Santa's Sleigh's two seats also make it rather inefficient for players that don't transport other players or usually travel with a single pet.


The Santa's Sleigh is a red-colored sleigh with a supplementary gold accent. Despite it's name suggesting that the sleigh is to be pulled by reindeer, it instead floats on it's own, in a similar manner to the Hoverboard. As it floats, the Santa's Sleigh bobs around in the air while producing a cloud of sparkles out of the back, symbolizing a car's exhaust. The Santa's Sleigh doesn't stop levitating or producing sparkles when parked.

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Easy to drive Slow speed
It's unavailability can make it quite desirable over time It was only available for a limited time, can only be obtained through trading
Two seats Not enough seats for players that constantly transport multiple players and pets
Hovers over water and land, greatly reducing travel time.
Good handling


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