The Sandwich can be eaten in 3 bites and costs 2 Bucks. It can be found next to the Cheese in the Supermarket.Β 

Players also receive one Sandwich each time when logging into game.


The sandwich has lettuce, tomatoes, and 2 slices of white bread.


  • There have been rumors of an "NFR Sandwich" existing in the game. However, it is just a joke and there is no such thing as NFR Sandwich in Adopt Me!. On the right is a fake picture made by somebody. Please do not take it as real.

    A FAKE image of a NFR Sandwich.

  • The sandwich is the only item that you can get for free without having to go to a specific place. However, you can only eat it one time for each time you log on, so it disappears from your inventory after you eat it.
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