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The SUV is a four-seater legendary vehicle in Adopt Me!, obtainable by purchasing the Celebrity Mansion Pack for Robux.png 800 or through trading.

The SUV does not have any unique traits or effects and is presumably meant to be a more sleek and luxurious version of the Offroader.


The SUV is a white, luxurious sport utility vehicle that has orange headlights, a sporty grille, black outlines, and a unique beige interior. The rear of the SUV has a pair of what appear to be windshield wipers connected to both sides, facing each other. It also has a license plate holder, despite lacking a license plate. The SUV is based on the Range Rover Sport.


The SUV shares most of its traits with the Offroader, being a rather bulky and slow vehicle, despite what its sporty appearance might suggest.

The SUV is a lot more efficient than most vehicles, as it is a four-seater, and with it being an off-road-oriented vehicle, it handles bumps quite well. Handling is decent and can be easy to master even to less experienced players. Its slow speed can also be a benefit to players who aren't used to fast vehicles, and also makes it much easier to handle when playing on a mobile device.

Overall, the SUV can prove to be quite a capable transporter, however, it is still a worse value than it's Buck-costing equivalents, such as the Offroader or even the Tiny Convertible.

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
A Legendary Costs Robux
Good Handling Not great value, can be substituted with the Tiny Convertible or the Offroader.
Handles bumpy roads well Quite expensive
Can seat four players/pets Bulky & slow


  • Whilst the SUV is technically lower down alphabetically than the Santa's Sleigh, it is still listed before Santa's Sleigh if a player happens to have both in their inventory. This is most likely because the inventory's sorting system prioritizes capital letters over lowercase ones.
  • The SUV is one of two vehicles that are exclusive to a gamepass that includes a house; The other one is the Luxury Car. Unlike the Luxury Car, however, the SUV can be traded away.
  • It is the only vehicle in Adopt Me! to have a beige interior.