Updated: Aug 22, 2020 (UTC)

Adopt Me! Wikia has its set of rules and guidelines for users to follow, in order to keep the wiki in a good shape and interactions between users. Disobeying the rules will result in discipline.

The Editing Guidelines do not necessarily count as rules, as they are meant as guidelines on how to properly edit an article. However, repeatedly disobeying the Editing Guidelines will lead to discipline, as they are disruptive.

All Fandom policies, specifically the Terms of Use and Community Guidelines, apply to all Fandom wikis, meaning all users must follow them.

We are not affiliated with DreamCraft

We do not have direct relations with NewFissy, Bethink, or any other developer. We are simply fans of their creation, Adopt Me!, and just want to help other fans by documenting the game. We cannot add any ideas you have and fix any issues you have. Though the developers may occasionally appear on this wiki, their presence does not confirm affiliation.


User Conduct

By creating a Fandom account and using the Adopt Me! Wikia, you will adhere and follow Fandom's User Conduct and Fandom's Community Guidelines.

You will also adhere to not do the following on Adopt Me Wikia:

  1. Harass other Wikia users;
  2. Vandalize pages nor edit user pages other than your's;
  3. Post content containing any inappropriate language;
  4. Post or share content that contains obscene, pornographic, abusive, offensive, or profane content;
  5. Post or transmit content that contains homophobia, ethnic slurs, religious intolerance, or content that encourages criminal conduct;
  6. Post, upload, share, or save unsolicited or unauthorized advertising, solicitations, "spam", or any other type of unauthorized solicitation;
  7. Impersonate a user, either a Roblox or a Wikia user;
  8. Create and/or use accounts to evade blocks, manipulate an impression of an idea or post, or mislead users.

Discussion and Commentary Policies

Users will adhere to the following when posting or commenting anywhere in the wiki and Discussion:

  • The User Conduct Policies are applied in Discussions.
  • Swearing is strictly prohibited. The Adopt Me! Wikia is a kid-friendly wiki.
  • Discussions relating to discussions of moderation actions, online daters, and/or unsolicited advertisement of other wikis/groups/organizations are not allowed.
  • All users must be treated fairly and with respect.
  • We are an English wiki. Communicate in English only! (more information)
    • Any flame war, hateful conversation, or form of harassment will be deleted and will not be tolerated.
  • Keep discussions civil and open-minded about differing opinions.
  • Do not discuss any scam incidents. If there has been a scam incident, please report it to the Adopt Me! Team.
  • Impersonating a wiki staff member or a wiki user is strictly prohibited.
  • Do not share personal social media or any real-life information.
  • Spamming, trolling, or vandalizing of any kind will be deleted and will lead to your account being banned.
    • Spamming is considered a user who posts multiple posts in a short period.
    • Trollers are considered to be those who break one rule repeatedly or multiple rules in a short amount of time.
  • Loopholing is not allowed at all.
    • Loopholing is an action where a user attempts to go around the punishment.
      • Example: Someone spells a swear word in a different sequence.
  • Categorize your discussion post into the appropriate category.
    • There are four categories: General, Trades & Offers, Questions, and Fan Art.
    • Note: Categories are not the same as tagging wiki pages!
  • Threads and posts that solicit upvotes are not permitted.
  • Do not discuss any personal issues anywhere in the wiki (more information).
  • False reporting posts is strictly prohibited (more information).
  • Do not minimoderate (more information).
    • Mini-moderation is when a user acts as a moderator and chooses to issue a warning or reminder through Message Wall or in a post.

Trading Policies

When trading in Discussions, please adhere to these trading rules:

  • All trade posts must follow the User Conduct and the Discussion and Commentary Policies.
  • Do not initiate trade offers to intentionally scam.
    • If you happened to be scammed, please report it to the Adopt Me! Team here.
  • Do not sell items using/for Robux or real-life currency.
  • Do not cross trade.
    • Cross trading is considered trading for bucks, trading for robux/roblox gift cards, or any other trades outside of the intended trading system from the Adopt Me! game.
  • Do not ask or beg for free items.
  • Do not offer or request trades with more than 4 items at once.
  • Do not create fake or joke posts when initiating trades.
  • Categorize your post correctly, under "Trades & Offers".
    • If you are offering a trade, please categorize your post under Trades.
      If you have a question about a trade or a topic outside of trading, categorize your post as Questions.

Giveaway Policies

When creating a giveaway in Discussions, please adhere to these trading rules:

  • All trade posts must follow the User Conduct and the Discussion and Commentary Policies.
  • User’s Roblox AND Fandom account must be at least one month old.
  • All giveaways must be categorized under "Giveaways". Otherwise, it will be deleted.
  • Any user who does a giveaway must include their Roblox username on the post.
  • Do not create fake or joke posts when hosting a giveaway.
  • Do not repost or advertise your giveaway.
  • Users should only host one giveaway at a time.


Editing Guidelines

Please adhere to these guidelines in order to keep the Wiki professional and clean:

  • All information should be confirmed from ONE OR MORE of the following credible sources:
  • Make sure each item page has the following:
    • An infobox
    • Proper formatting (e.g., In source editor: Infobox then the description of item...)
      • Make sure the article looks appealing.
    • Formality Rules (e.g., Proper capitalization, no use of first-person, limit the use of second-person, etc.)
  • Do not add unnecessary categories to pages. It's strongly recommended to only add articles to existing categories!
  • Include links to pages when necessary.
    • If there is a name, place, or thing that links to an article, link it.
  • Fix red links.
    • Red links are links that are addressed are redirects but are redirected to a page that does not exist.
  • Make sure that everything is grammatically correct and that spelling and punctuation are accurate.
  • This Wiki should be in American English (-er, no 'u' in color, etc.).
  • Make sure all item names are in-game names and are properly capitalized.
    • Proper nouns are names, places, or groups
      • Example: That is a potion. This potion is called the Levitation Potion.
      • In this case, the "Levitation Potion" is the name of the potion. The potion just describes what kind of drink it is, therefore it is not a proper noun and not capitalized.
  • The first occurrence of the page's subject must be bold. All subsequent occurrences should be normal text.
    • Ex. The Starter Egg is given to you when you first play. The Starter Egg is also free.
  • The wiki should reflect the current state of the game. Rumors or unreleased content should not be used or published on the wiki.
    • Unreleased content can be published ONLY IF the information are confirmed one of the credible sources listed.
  • Do not edit the same page multiple times in a row.
  • Write correctly-spelled grammatical full sentences.
    • Watch out for those homophones, subject-verb agreement issues, and compound adjectives.
  • Do not add pointless trivia.
    • Do not add points that are obvious (e.g., the Levitation potion makes you levitate).
  • When writing dates, write out the month and the year at minimum and in the acceptable format.
    • Acceptable: "November 2018"
    • Acceptable: The whole date is preferred. If there is a day, write it as: "November 24, 2019", for example.
    • Incorrect: "11-24-2019", "24-11-2019", "24 November 2019"
  • Do not specify currency as "$160". Specify currency, such as "160 Bucks," 160 Gingerbreads", etc.
    • For specifying robux, use the template {{Robux|x}} in source editor, where x is the number of robux.
  • Add a summary to every edit made, truthfully. It is courteous to let others know what you added, deleted, or edited.
If you are not sure about how to fix something, notify a wiki administrator.

Punishment System

The moderators or administrators will ultimately choose what punishment is appropriate for a user if a user has committed a violation of the Rules and Guidelines.

Community content is available under CC-BY-SA unless otherwise noted.