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Royal Carriages is a gamepass in Adopt Me! that costs Robux.png 1499 and it can be bought in the shop (button) or in the Neighborhood, from a pedestal promoting the pack to the right of the tunnel leading to Adoption Island.

Upon purchase, the Royal Carriages pack provides the player three legendary vehicles, which include the Princess Carriage, the Prince Carriage, and the Royal Carriage.


To use the carriage, players can equip the item from the Vehicles section of their inventory.

The Carriage can be controlled by moving the joystick/WASD/front, left, right, back arrow to change the direction of movement. In order to stop driving, simply press the jump button or let go of the controller.


  • The Royal Carriages gamepass is the most expensive permanent gamepass in Adopt Me!. It is the second most expensive overall, only behind the Candy Cannon, which was available during the Halloween Event (2018) and cost Robux.png 2000.
  • It is the only one of two packs to be promoted in the Neighborhood, the other being the Supercars Pack.