The Rocket Sled is a limited single seat vehicle in Adopt Me! which was obtainable during the 2017 Christmas event, when Gifts started coming out. It is classified as a legendary vehicle. The Rocket Sled comes from the first gift wave in Adopt Me that contained a legendary vehicle. It costed Bucks 70, Bucks 199, Bucks 499 in the Small, Big and Massive Gifts. It is now unobtainable and can only be obtained through trading


The Rocket Sled is currently the fastest vehicle in Adopt Me, having the ability to traverse from one side of the map to the other in just a couple of seconds. A downside of this ludicrous speed is that the Rocket Sled can prove to be incredibly difficult to control around corners and narrow roads/bridges. The Rocket Sled also has a single seat, which also greatly diminishes it's potential. Nevertheless, it is still incredibly fast and should not be dismissed as a way to get to a place quickly.



The Rocket Sled in a player's inventory.

The Rocket Sled is an experimental looking vehicle, being a rather normal-looking sled with two large rockets attached to either side of it. The rockets themselves have each of their sections painted in different colors, beginning from the bottom with a black color where the fire particles originate, then an orange, fire-like piece, possibly meant to symbolize where the fuel for the sled is stored in, a silver part, a chrome/glass textured piece, another black piece similar in color to the one at the bottom of the rockets, and then finally concluding at a red colored tip. There is a brown wooden bench-like seat. Each of the rockets is made up out of a total of six parts. The Rocket Sled always emits square yellow/green fiery particles out of the two rockets that are attached to it.

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
The fastest vehicle in the game, even conquering the GoKart. Only one seat, no passengers can ride with you.
Can prove to be really desirable in trading due to the limited availability.

A retired vehicle, very difficult to find someone with this item.

Fire trail while you drive. Not smooth during turning periods.
Very useful to go around the map quickly and complete needs.

Too fast, really hard to control and easily gets stuck.

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