The Rocket Pogo is a limited rare toy in Adopt Me! that used to be obtained from Gifts. It is one of many different versions that were developed by the Pogo. It is now only obtainable through via trading.

The use of the Rocket Pogo is practically the same as all other pogos in the game. It is one of the toys that can improve the player's mobility, similar to vehicles. It allows the player to bounce around the map and slightly increases their speed.

The Rocket Pogo, as the name suggests, appears very similar to a rocket. The player uses the pogo by standing on the base and holding onto a bar near the tip of the rocket. The bottom of the pogo glows a bright yellow. It was most likely designed to look like the fire at the rear of a rocket, as many are able to recognize. The rocket has a similar design of the rocket on the Rocket Ship Stroller.


A Rocket Pogo in a player's inventory

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