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The Rocket Grappling Hook is an uncommon toy that was added to Adopt Me! as part of the gifts rotation on September 2, 2021. It cost Bucks.png 70, Bucks.png 199, and Bucks.png 499, if obtained from Small, Big or Massive Gifts, respectively. It is no longer in the current Gifts rotation, and can now only be obtained through trading.


To interact with this item, a player can click/press anywhere on their screen to fire a hooked-cable and be pulled towards the target location. Like most other grappling hooks, players cannot use this item on non-solid graphical objects or if they are on a vehicle, doing an obby, flying or riding a pet.


The Rocket Grappling Hook features a red and white rocket. It has a red nose cone, red fins, a white window with gray window frame, and orange handles.