The Reindeer Ornament is a legendary toy in Adopt Me!. It was obtainable in the 2019 Christmas Event through collecting the ornaments scattered around the Adoption Island.

When players collected the ornaments, they appeared in their inventory. Players could have multiple versions of the Reindeer Ornament as the ornaments respawned periodically after collected.


The Reindeer Ornament features a light-brown reindeer with darker antlers. It has a green and red saddle on its back and small brown legs. Although it bears a name similar to that of the Reindeer, it does not bear a similar appearance.


After the player collected the Reindeer Ornament, they would then be required to place the free Christmas Tree in their house. By interacting with the Reindeer Ornament, they were able to toss it onto the tree, which added a certain amount of Spirit.

Depending on how much spirit the tree had, the more Gingerbread.png the player could collect.


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