The Rat is a limited pet in Adopt Me!. It is classified as a rare pet and can be obtained from the Rat Box. It wasย only available during the Lunar New Year (2020) event and is currently not obtainable unless via trade.

Players have a 14 out of 15 chance to receive it from the Rat Box. Another version of the Rat is the Golden Rat, which players have a 1 out of 15 chance of obtaining from the Rat Box. Many people consider the rat, although a limited rare, to be worthless since the Rat Box was very cheap and many bought a high number of them.ย It is unknown whether their popularity will increase as the number of rats decline over time.


The Rat has a gray body, pink tail, black eyes, a pink nose, gray paws, and gray oval ears with pink insides. When it is idle, it twitches its ears and bobs its head up and down.

Neon Version

The Neon version of the Rat glows bright pink on its ears, paws, tail, and nose.

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Neon Rat

Mega Neon Version

The Mega Neon version glows in the colors of the rainbow, in the same areas as a regular Neon Rat.


A Mega Neon Rat

Mega Neon Rat

Mega Neon Rat


  • Sit - (Newborn)
  • Lay Down - (Junior)
  • Jump - (Pre-Teen)
  • Dig - (Teen)
  • Dance 1 - (Post-Teen)
  • Dance 2 - (Full Grown)


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