• The dining area.
  • The stage area.
  • The pizza making station.
  • Ramsay, the NPC who can be found in the shop.

Ramsay's Pizzeria is a shop in Adopt Me!. It is also known as the Pizza Shop and is conveniently located between the Ice Cream Parlor and the Car Showroom. The NPC that can be found here is Ramsay. The exterior of Ramsay's Pizzeria resembles an upright triangular slice of pizza with a tan crust, red sauce, cheese, and pepperoni.


Players can purchase Pizza Dough and add toppings. These pizzas can be fed to babies and pets to fulfill their 'Hungry' ailment. These ingredients can also be bought by a player for use in their house.


When a player enters Ramsay's Pizzeria, a dining area can be seen on the left with a stage to the right. Ramsay can be located in front of the pizza-making station. Wooden planks cover the ground, except for part of the stage area. The shop's walls are painted red, and there are many large windows. Decorations such as trees and a jukebox can be seen as well. In the dining area, there are several tables and booths where players and pets can sit. All the ingredients are lined up on a counter in the pizza-making station. At the end of the station, there is an oven where players can set their pizzas to cook. they can also provide ingredients that you can put on your pizza.

Image Item Cost
Pizza Dough
Pizza Dough Bucks 1
Screenshot 123
Sauce Free with purchase of a Pizza Dough
Screenshot 125
Cheese Topping Free with purchase of a Pizza Dough
Screenshot 129
Pepperoni Free with purchase of a Pizza Dough
Screenshot 128
Peppers Free with purchase of a Pizza Dough
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