Ramsay is an NPC and shopkeeper in Adopt Me!. He can be found in Ramsay's Pizzeria, which is also known as the Pizza Shop. Players can buy Pizza Dough and add toppings, such as Sauce, Cheese, Pepperoni, and Peppers to fulfill the "Hungry" ailment for a baby or pet.


Ramsay has short black hair and a crooked smile. He wears a Chef's outfit, featuring a white chef's shirt with a red scarf and a white hat, as well as gray pants. There are also black glasses on his face.


When a player interacts with Ramsay, he says this:

"Welcome to Ramsay's Pizzeria! You can have tomatoes, peppers, salami, anything you want on your pizza! You can even have pizza on your pizza!"


  • Ramsay's name is most likely based on the well-known British chef, Gordon Ramsay.
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