The Pumpkin Carriage is a two-seater legendary vehicle that used to be available for purchase during the 2019 Halloween Event for Candy Icon 63,000. It is now only obtainable via trading.


As its name would suggest, the Pumpkin Carriage is a carriage that has the shape of a pumpkin. Its body is a pumpkin, and its undercarriage resembles the stems of a pumpkin. Its wheels are a dark brown color, which is presumably meant to resemble wood, with weeds spreading over it. The front end of the Pumpkin Carriage isn't apparent due to it being identical on both sides, but it is across from where the driver of the carriage is sitting.


The Pumpkin Carriage in a players inventory.

Handling & Speed

The Pumpkin Carriage's handling and speed are similar to that of the other carriages. It has rather impressive speed, matching that of the Offroader. Its handling is slow but smooth, and it handles around corners very well. While it is a rather hefty vehicle, it's not enormously so, and squeezing through most tight roads and bridges is surprisingly easy.

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Can sit you and another player/pet Very expensive
Smooth handling Acceptable, but still mediocre speed
A legendary Only available for a limited time
Has two seats A large vehicle so you can't, for example, go under the Pool Party Bridge
Highly desirable due to no longer being available Doesn't have an extra two seats in the front like the Prince Carriage does.
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