Not to be confused with the Pumpkin Toy.

The Pumpkin was a limited pet from the Halloween Event (2020) that was removed on November 11, 2020. It was obtained after a player completed the Pumpkin Smash mini game for the first time. Players cannot get any more Pumpkins after they received their first one. It was automatically able to fly and ride, meaning that you didn't have to use a Fly-A-Pet Potion or a Ride-A-Pet Potion. The pet was also automatically full grown once you received it from the Pumpkin Smash. It resembles a pumpkin.

This pet couldn't be traded or gifted, meaning, there was no legitimate means of obtaining a Neon or Mega Neon version of the Pumpkin.


The Pumpkin, is an orange pumpkin with flat green leaves on the bottom and a curvy brown stem on top. The bright yellow eyes jiggle and wobble in their dark eye sockets.


  • Sit
  • Lay down
  • Trick 1


  • This is the third pet to be temporary, with the other pets being the Scoob, Pet Rock, and the 2D Kitty.
  • Similarly to the Scoob, 2D Kitty and Pet Rock, this pet came with the ability of being flyable, rideable, coming already full-grown, and knows all its tricks without having to go to School to learn them.
  • Like the Scoob, Chick, 2D Kitty and Pet Rock, there is no neon/mega neon version of it, due to it being not tradable and each player only receiving one.
  • When a player flew on the Pumpkin, it did not grow wings.
  • The Pumpkin, Pet Rock, Arctic Reindeer, Ghost Bunny, Frost Fury and the Reindeer are the only non-bird pets that do not have wings after being fed a Fly-A-Pet Potion. They still fly, just without wings.
  • Since the Pumpkin has no feet, it moves by rotating its leaves in a propeller-like way.
  • When it is idle, the Pumpkin bobs up and down.
  • If a player was riding a Pumpkin while in a Halloween Event (2020) minigame queue, activating Trick 1 will propel them out of the queue, and back in again.


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