Not to be confused with Throwing Pumpkin.


The Pumpkin is a collectible item obtainable from Halloween 2017. You were able to purchase / exchange candies as a special event currency and trade it with the Headless Horseman. You were able to get one via trading 5 candies (lollipops) with the Headless Horseman

This item holds an ability that is "unique". When you click the pumpkin, the player starts shaking the pumpkin in their left hand with a certain rhythm. This takes roughly 3 to 5 seconds. When the pumpkin stops shaking, the player's head will turn invisible with no duration limit.

This can be reverted if the player resets their character or uses the pumpkin again.

This item is classified as Rare.

A player before shaking the pumpkin.


A player after shaking the pumpkin.



  • Before the clothing shop was scrapped in 2019 New Year's day,this was the only way to remove a player's head temporarily. 
  • As shown in the picture, this item does not remove one's face. 
  • This item didn't make a comeback in Halloween 2018.
  • This is one of the few items that give unique effects to your avatar that is not a single-use item.
  • This item shares the same model/mesh with a limited-pumpkin hat published to Roblox, Sinister P.
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