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Not to be confused with Monkey Box.

The Premium Monkey Box is a legendary gift that could be found and obtained for Robux.png 195 in Adopt Me! during the Monkey Fairground event. Every time one is opened, there is a 90% chance to get a Monkey and a 10% chance to get a Albino Monkey, as well as two other items. As the event is over, it can now only be obtained through trading.

The Premium Monkey Box on display at the Monkey Fairground.

Types of Monkeys

After talking with the monkey NPCs, if players have three of these ingredients found in the boxes, they will make a Monkey the same type as themselves. These are all the monkeys players could obtain during the event:

Obtainable Items

Rarity Items
Uncommon Clown Umbrella Clown Unicycle
Rare Monkey Cymbal Ingredient
Briefcase Ingredient Monkey Pogo
Ultra-Rare Monkey Propeller Clown Car
Scroll Ingredient
Legendary Albino Monkey Staff Ingredient


  • After the Monkey Fairground left, the Premium Monkey Box was still available in the shop. This was an error. Less than 30 minutes later, Adopt Me! did a small bug fix update and the Premium Monkey Box was removed from the shop.