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Popcorn is a common food item in Adopt Me!. It can be used/interacted with five times before it disappears from the player's inventory. Popcorn can be fed to a baby or a pet to fulfill the "Hungry" ailment.

It was previously could be found between the Hotdogs and Cake at Green Groceries for Bucks.png 2, but was removed after the Farm Shop Update was released and can now only be obtained via trading or obtaining it from the V.I.P room.


The Popcorn's appearance is a red and white striped popcorn box. The shape of the box is square shaped. The Popcorn itself is a light pastel yellow.


  • Another version of the Popcorn called the "V.I.P Popcorn" can be found in the V.I.P. room where V.I.P. players who have purchased the gamepass for Robux.png 499 may acquire it for free.