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The Pool Store is a small shop located on Adoption Island next to the Hot Springs, previously known as the Pool Party in Adopt Me!.


The Pool Store has a white slanted roof, with three slim columns holding it up. Two sides of the building are covered by windows. On the side of the store, there is an unusable door. In the inside of the store, there are two pipes on the back and right wall that shoot water out into a gray basin in the center of the floor. Next to the basin is the shop's NPC, Brad.


This is a list of all merchandise sold in the Pool Store. All the items available for purchase cost bucks. Most of the items sold in the pool store are toys, except the Surfboard, which is a vehicle.

Image Name Cost
Floaties Bucks.png 50
Surfboard Bucks.png 600
Pool Noodle Bucks.png 100
Mermaid Float.png
Mermaid Float Bucks.png 200
The Inner Tube in an inventory.png
Inner Tube Bucks.png 150
Pizza Float Bucks.png 300
Lazy Float.png
Lazy Float Bucks.png 75


  • During the Fall Event 2020, the exterior of the Pool Store was remodeled, while the interior stayed mostly the same.
  • Originally this was a sports building, which contained showers, tennis courts, and other physical activities. The building was changed into the Pool Store sometime in 2018, when the pool was also remodeled.
  • All the items sold in the store can be used on water.