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The Pizza Place is a 2-story house in Adopt Me! with a kitchen, a bathroom, and two extra rooms. It is supposed to look like a restaurant and has the layout of one.

Exterior Appearance

The outside of the Pizza Place is customizable. You can change the color to any color that is available, and it will be paired with some white. The Pizza Place has a small awning, and underneath sits a wooden bench. Players cannot sit on the bench unless they use the emote. Over the awning is a bay window. On both sides of the door, you will find two small trees. Above the door is a little circle with a portrait of your ROBLOX character.

Interior Appearance

On the inside of the Pizza Place when you first buy it, you will find wood planks as the flooring and red walls. In the front, you will see a cash register on a small table. To the left of that cash register table, you will see a wooden crate and some books. In the corner, you will see a seating booth and a table with a red cloth. Going past the cash register table, in the corner, you will see a crate with a barrel on top of it. Surrounding the crate are some cardboard boxes and a vase with a flower inside.


Going into the kitchen, you will find checkered flooring and white walls. There are blue counters with pizza ingredients, which are interactable and you can make pizza with them. On the walls, there are a set of pots and pans and a knife set. Over the kitchen's oven is a range hood mounted to the wall.

Upstairs and Bathroom

Upstairs, you will find a table with a placemat, a small lamp, a bowl, and a plate. In the bathroom, you will find white walls and tile. There is a shower and a toilet included as well.


  • The Pizza Place and the Pirate Ship House are the only houses in Adopt Me! that display the face of the player's Roblox avatar on their exterior.