The Adopt Me! Pirate Update cover

The Pirate Ship House is a house in Adopt Me!, that was added on April 24th, 2020, during the pirate update. It can be bought for Bucks 1600 and is based on a pirate theme. When this house was added, pirate-themed furniture was added to the game as well. The Pirate's Costume, a pack of several pet accessories, was also added in the same update.

The Pirate Ship House, as the name suggests, is a house based off of an original pirate ship. Outside, it features two main sails, colored white while the rest of the house appears to be a wooden-brown color.


The Pirate Ship House in the house selection screen


The interior of the Pirate House consists of a main living room, and a staircase leading up to a second floor hallway with various rooms connected to it.


  • On one sail, it can be customized to show your Roblox avatar's head. This is one of the two houses that display their owner's Roblox avatar on their exterior, the other one being the Pizza Place.
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