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The Pink Egg is a rare exclusive egg in Adopt Me! that was obtainable right after the Pets Update arrived. When players participated in the Pet Countdown event, players automatically receive this egg in their inventory.

Players would receive a Pink Egg after telling Sir Woofington to build a pet department in the Adopt Me! Nursery. It costs Bucks.png 100 to time travel and go back in time to when they were building the Nursery. After players had completed the task, Tom would give them a Pink Egg. The Pink Egg could only hatch into an uncommon Pink Cat. Each player was only entitled to one Pink Egg per person. The Pink Egg is now only obtainable through trading.


The Pink Egg features the exact same appearance to the Pet Egg and Blue Egg, except the Pink Egg is entirely pink while the Pet Egg is white and the Blue Egg is blue.

Obtainable Pets

The only pet that can be hatched from the Pink Egg is the Pink Cat. No other pets can be hatched from the Pink Egg.

Pet Image Rarity
Pink Cat
Pink Cat AM.png