This page contains information that has not been released into the Adopt Me! game.
All information has been confirmed from credible sources such as the Adopt Me! Twitter.

The Pink Dodo is a limited-time pet that will be arriving in Adopt Me! alongside the Fossil Egg. However, there is currently not a specific date for the release of this item. The rarity of this pet is currently unconfirmed.


The Pink Dodo features a small pink bird with black, beady eyes. It has pale purple and greenish-teal feathers for the tail. On the sides of the dodo, it has lavender colored wings with sky-blue feathers. The Pink Dodo additionally comes with yellow feet. It also includes a long, yellow beak topped with a layer of lavender on the tip, whilst two tiny feathers sprout on its head.


  • The Pink Dodo was the first confirmed pet revealed to the public to be in the Fossil Egg.
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