The Pink Cat is a limited uncommon pet that could only be found in the Pink Egg during the Pet Update. The Pink Cat is no longer obtainable, unless through trading with other players or by hatching one from a Pink Egg if you still have one. It costed Bucks 100 when it was available. The Pink Cat was once obtainable and now can only be obtained by trading or hatching a Pink Egg.


The Pink Cat has pink fur, pink ears, pink paws, pink tail, black whiskers, black beady eyes and a light pink nose. It is basically a pink version of the normal grey Cat. Β 


  • Sit - Newborn
  • Lay Down - Junior
  • Bounce - Pre-Teen
  • Roll Over - Teen
  • Backflip - Post-Teen
  • Dance - Full Grown

Neon Appearance


Neon Pink Cat

When turned Neon, the Pink Cat's nose, paws, tail and whiskers glow pink and its nose is bright light pink.

Mega Neon Appearance

When turned Mega Neon, the Pink Cat's nose, paws, tail, whiskers, and nose rotate through a few colors. There are 3 colors which it rotates through, which are aqua blue, yellow, and white.


A Mega Neon Pink Cat


A player riding a Mega Neon Pink Cat

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