The Pig is a pet in Adopt Me! It is rare and can only be obtained out of Farm Eggs, or by trading.

Physical Appearance

The Pig has a pink body and a curly pink tail. It has a darker pink nose, black eyes, and triangular ears with reddish-pink inside.

Neon Appearance

The Neon Pig is bright pink in its ears, most of its snout, its feet, and its tail.

Mega Neon Appearance

The Pig in Mega Neon version makes its feet, ears, tail, and snout cycle through the rainbow.


S-l400 (3)

A neon Pig.

  • Sit - Newborn
  • Lay Down - Junior
  • Bounce - Pre-Teen
  • Joy - Teen
  • Dance 1 - Post-Teen
  • Dance 2 - Full-Grown

A Mega neon Pig.

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