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Pet Trainer Shane is an NPC found inside the School in Adopt Me!. He is located in the pet room to the right of the entrance. His purpose is to teach certain tricks to pets when they are at the adequate ages.


Pet Trainer Shane has golden yellow hair and has a beard. He has a tan shirt and a brown belt. He wears khaki pants with orange shoes. On his head is a brown hat.


This is what Pet Trainer Shane says when a player interacts with him:

Without a pet:

"I'll train even the most stubborn pets to do incredible tricks! So bring your pet next time!"

With an egg:

"G'day mate, come back when your egg has hatched!"

With a pet:

"G'day mate, want me to train your animal? Alright let's begin!"

With a pet that knows every trick:

β€œLooks like your pet already knows every trick in the book!”

With a pet that is too young:

"Well mate, I wanna train your [Pet Species Name]... But it's just too young to learn any more. Come back again when it ain't so little."