The Pet Egg is a rare egg that costs Bucks 600 and is currently available at the Nursery. It is most likely to hatch into an Uncommon pet (35%). Every pet which is not for a limited time or a gamepass pet is available in this egg, such as the Dragon, a Snow Cat, and the Dog to name a few. Its appearance is a completely white, smooth egg, with no other accessories or details. You can purchase it from Holly, the cat lover in the Nursery.


The Pet Egg as seen in a video thumbnail


  • A lot of people trade these eggs saying that its a bug, but actually the Golden Egg. Adopt Me! fixed this so you can't name your pet egg 'Golden'; now it will make it say '####en'. Adopt Me! also made it so you can't name eggs.
  • Like the other eggs, you cannot put accessories on it, probably to prevent scams like pretending it's a Royal Egg by putting the Founder's Crown on it.
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