Parent is one of the two roles players can pick when joining Adopt Me!, the other one being Baby. Players can change to the Parent role by either entering an Age-O-Matic in the Nursery, buying and using one in their home, or by clicking the "change to a Baby" button located in the bottom right of the dress up menu.

A Parent holding a Baby.

Unlike Babies and Pets, Parents do not need to be taken care of. Instead, Parents can adopt babies and take care of them by completing their tasks. Before the pets update, taking care of babies was the only way players could earn Bucks. Taking care of Babies and pets is made easier, as Parents are able to pick them up and place them in strollers.


  • Parents can pick up any player playing as a Baby, regardless whether they are a part of their family or not.
  • When Parents ride pets, the pet is enlarged to accommodate the player's size.
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