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The Pet/Egg area of the Nursery

The Nursery is the place where players can buy eggs that they could hatch into pets. Cribs and the Age-O-Matic are located in the baby section of the Nursery and a drinking bowl is located in the pet section of the Nursery for players' convenience. It's one of the most important and most recognizable buildings in the game. As part of the tutorial to get their Starter Egg, new players must visit the Nursery.

City Hall

The City Hall

The City Hall had no purpose, except for holding the statues of NewFissy and Bethink, who are the creators of Adopt Me! and known together as DreamCraft. It is no longer in the game.


The Gym

The Gym, which was located next to the Pool, contained two tennis courts, two couches, four chairs, four showers, four benches, and one sauna.

After being under maintenance for a long time, the Gym was later replaced with the Pool Store.


Adopt Me! Playground

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The Playground is located in a giant wooden box holding sand, right of the entrance to the Neighborhood. At the Playground are four swing sets, poles that your pet can hover through (Weave), a blue tunnel, a roundabout, two big trampolines and one small one, a slide, and a wooden shack holding the obby portals. The Playground used to have a treehouse on the largest tree, but it was removed on February 2021.

Going to the Playground is the main way of completing the "Bored" ailment, which can also be completed by playing piano at your house.

During the Halloween Event (2019), the Playground was replaced with the Graveyard. The Playground was updated at the Play Park update in February 2020.


A player standing in front of the Obby Building

Obbies are obstacle courses that can be done by both Parents and Babies, though they are optional. A player wins a special Roblox badge for completing an obby, but they do not get any money. The shack holding all of the obby portals is found at the Playground (on the other side of the slide).

To prevent cheating, toys, pets with potion enhancements, potions, and vehicles do not work in the obbies.

Obby Difficulty Cooldown Info
Pyramid ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 45 mins First Floor
Shipwreck Bay ⭐⭐⭐⭐ 45 mins First Floor
Miniworld ⭐ 45 mins First Floor
Coastal Climb ⭐⭐⭐ 45 mins First Floor
Ancient Ruins ⭐⭐⭐⭐ 45 mins First Floor
River Rapids ⭐⭐ 45 mins First Floor
Factory ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 45 mins First Floor
Lonely Peak ⭐⭐ 45 mins First Floor
Sky Haven ⭐⭐⭐ 45 mins Second Floor
Tiny Isles ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 15 hours Second Floor
Lost Temple ⭐ 45 mins Second Floor


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The Hospital

The Hospital's interior

The Hospital is a building that can be found next to the Pet Shop and a Premium Plot. The place is used to cure the "Sick" ailment and allows the player to heal their pet, or themselves if they are a baby. There are three ways for a player to heal themselves and their pet; eating a Healing Apple, which can be found in a room on the left side of the Hospital, sitting on the operation bed in a room also in the left wing, or the player can ask Doctor Heart to heal their family.


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The School

The School is situated between a bridge and the Gifts Stand. The purpose of this building is to fulfill the "School" task. In the School, there are four rooms; a classroom, a pet room, a library, and a computer room. At the end of the hallway you can see the NewFissy NPC. In the Pet Room, there are pet beds and food and water bowls, as well the Pet Trainer Shane. A maximum of 50 apples can be obtained from the classroom.

Soccer Field

The Soccer Field is a light brown field located left of the Toy Shop and right of the Campsite. It has two soccer nets and a giant soccer ball that can be pushed. Also, it has a running track on the outside of the Soccer Field. Once the soccer ball goes in the goal, it respawns into the middle of the pitch again.

The Soccer Field

The soccer field currently serves no purpose other than for decoration.

During the Christmas Event (2019) update, it was replaced by the Winter Village.

During the Fall Event (2020), the soccer field was replaced with what seems to be a pumpkin patch.

During the Winter Holiday (2020), it was replaced with the Winter Castle.

In February 2021, it was removed from the game.


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The Campground

The Campsite, or Campground, is tucked in a mountain valley and located left of the soccer field and right of Green Groceries. The Campsite activity occurs once every three in-game days, and when completed, it gives Bucks.png 18 as a reward. At the Campsite there are two big tents and three small tents, holding sleeping bags which can be slept in by a baby or pet. There is also a campfire surrounded by four logs that can be sat on, and a chair holding free marshmallows on sticks. Besides that, there is also the Camping Lodge, which you can rent out for Bucks.png 200 or by clicking in the button to sleep in one of the bags. The lodge has three sleeping bags, free marshmallows, and S'mores Cookies costing Bucks.png 5 each.

Water Park

The Water Park, also known as the Pool Party, is an area by a cliffside and waterfall, holding a sandy beach, pool, and three water slides to ride down. By the Water Park is the Pool Store, where you can find surfing boards, and floaties. There is also an NPC there, named Brad, who is in charge of the Pool Store next to the Water Park. Going to the Water Park is required for the Pool Party ailment. In previous versions before the August 2019 Summer update, it was simply a Pool which only served as the environment.

It was remodeled when the Fall Event (2020) was released. It has not been announced if this remodel is permanent, or just for the event.


The Arcade

The Arcade was a building in the old Adopt Me!, and it was forgotten until Legacy Adopt Me came back for a few days, and players saw it again. It had boarded up windows, saying coming soon, but it was never added into the game.

Safety Hub

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Exterior of the Safety Hub

Inside the Safety Hub

The Safety Hub is a building located behind the Farm Shop. In this building, players can complete the Trade License test to obtain a Trade License. The Trade Book, containing a player's trade history in the last thirty days, can also be accessed here. It was released in early November 2020 in the Trading Update.

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