Ornaments are objects that could be found all around the Adopt Me!Β map. You could collect them and they would go to your inventory as Toys. Ornaments were only available to find during the 2019 Christmas Event, and are currently unobtainable.


Here are the 7 current ornaments that were available during the 2019 Christmas Event:

Ornament Rarity
Candy Cane Ornament Common
Christmas Ball Ornament Common
Snowflake Ornament Uncommon
Star Ornament Uncommon
Elf Ornament Rare
Santa Ornament Ultra-Rare
Reindeer Ornament Legendary


Reindeer and Santa ornaments can appear in a number of places, such as on top of the billboard on top of the entrance to the neighborhood, on the ice cream cone on the ice cream shop, on top of the Dealership inside the car on top of the Dealership, on top of the toy shop near the penguin and the llama, and at the very top of the wizard's tower.

Elf and Star ornaments can appear in a number of places, such as in the water of the pool party, in the small blue slide in the pool party, on the second level of rocks at the pool party, on the very top of the rocks in the pool party, on the roof of the nursery, on the roof of the school, behind the hospital, and under the bridge near the door that leads to the place where you can make your pets neon.

Snowflake, Ornament, and Candy Cane ornaments can be found outside the grocery store at the entrance of the parking lot, at the campsite, underneath or at the very top the giant tree branch behind the shop where you can buy Potions, on the red bridge or on top of the red bridge, on the bridge that leads to the gifts display, outside the nursery, on top of the pets store roof, and random places on the road.


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