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The Offroader is a rare four-seater vehicle in Adopt Me! available for purchase in the Car Showroom for Bucks.png 1,200. Apart from that, it can also be obtained through trading.


The Offroader is a 4x4 SUV with an open-top design. It is heavily based on the soft top Jeep Wrangler JK two-door. The Offroader, much like all of the other vehicles available in the Car Showroom, is color customizable so players can choose the color.

Handling & Speed

The Offroader has very poor steering response as expected from a bulky 4x4, however, something rather impressive is the Offroader's fast acceleration which is something incredibly uncharacteristic for such a heavy off-roading oriented vehicle. The Offroader is the second-fastest vehicle in the dealership overall and is the fastest 4-seater vehicle available there.

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Very easy to obtain. Slightly expensive.
Fast. Slow Turning.
4 seats. Bad controls.
Color is customizable at time of purchase. Once the color is chosen, it cannot be changed again.
Good with hills. Bulky.