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The Nursery is one of the main buildings in Adopt Me! located in the main map. After the Ocean Egg update, the Nursery seemed to be submerged in water with the interior having a pale blue tint. However, this was removed after the Ocean Eggs were replaced by the Mythic Eggs. In the Nursery, players can adopt babies, buy eggs, and access the V.I.P Room, if they have bought the gamepass.

Egg Shop

There are four different types of eggs that can be bought. Additionally, at the center of the clearing is a water dispenser for pets to drink from. The Egg Shop also contains a board with pictures of all the different pets in Adopt Me!. This board shows players which pets they currently hold in their inventory.

Adoption Center

The Adoption Center is where babies can wait to be adopted or where parents can adopt babies (other players). In the room, at the right wing of the Nursery, players can place their baby or pet in one of the six cribs. In the corner near the desk, there is also an Age-O-Matic, which allows players to switch from Baby to Parent, or vice-versa. The Adoption Center is run by an NPC named Anna.

V.I.P Room

Main article: V.I.P

The V.I.P Room is a room where players that have purchased the V.I.P gamepass for Robux.png 499 can enter. It is a lounge space featuring a dance floor, couches, free food, and drinks. Additionally, there are two decorative Money Trees from which players cannot collect bucks. The V.I.P room can also be accessed by teleporting to a friend or family member who is currently inside of the room.