The Neon Black Scooter is classified as a common (meant to be ultra-rare) single seat vehicle in Adopt Me! that was temporarily obtainable from an old gifts rotation.

The Neon Black Scooter has similar qualities to the other neon scooters. It has a neon black color and leaves a black trail behind it when used. Its normal counterpart is the Black Scooter, which has no trail and does not glow.

As a vehicle, it was designed to make getting around Adoption Island and The Neighborhood an easier task.


The Neon Black Scooter was released at the same time as the other scooters in the gifts. It was meant to have the rarity of Ultra-Rare but was classified as Common due to a bug. Because of this, the creators shortly took it down after its release. This item is valuable and rare as it was removed by the creator hours after being added to the game. Vehicle collectors strive to obtain this item. It is the rarest neon scooter in the game. it is worth more than any other neon scooter.

It is possibly the hardest vehicle to obtain, due to it only being available for a few hours. It was priced at Bucks 70, Bucks 199, Bucks 499 in the respective gifts.

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