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This is a list of all NPCs in Adopt Me!. NPC is short for Non-Player Character, also known as game characters. Adopt Me! NPCS can be found in the shops, Nursery, during events, and in other locations in Adopt Me!. There are a total of 24 NPCS in the game.

List of NPCs

Name Image Location In-Game?
Nursery βœ“
Sir Woofington
Sir Woofington.png
Nursery βœ“
Nursery βœ“
Holly NPC.png
Nursery βœ“
Eda NPC.png
Baby Shop βœ“
Gifts βœ“
Captain Arg
Captain Arg NPC.png
Hot Air Balloon βœ“
TomNPC Fossil Isle.png
Old Pet Shop

Fossil Isle (Fossil Isle Excavation)

Pet Trainer Shane
Pet Trainer Shane NPC.png
School βœ“
NewFissy NPC.png
School βœ“
Nurse Knee
Nurse Knee NPC.jpeg
Hospital βœ“
Doctor Heart
Doctor Heart.PNG
Hospital βœ“
Brad NPC.png
Pool Store βœ“
Clothing Store ✘
Coffee Shop βœ“
Coffee Shop βœ“
Ramsay's Pizzeria βœ“
Ice Cream Parlor βœ“
Rich NPC.jpg
Car Showroom βœ“
NPC Bethink.png
Toy Shop βœ“
Camping Store

Near Nursery (April Fools Event (2019))

Hat Shop (Dress Your Pets Live Event)

Fossil Isle (Fossil Isle Excavation)

Present Shuffle Minigame (Winter Holiday (2021))

Green Groceries

Farm Shop

Neon Cave βœ“
Bonny am.jpg
Hat Shop βœ“
Headless Horseman
Headless Horseman From 2017.png
Varying locations (Halloween Event (2017))

Halloween Event (2018)

Halloween Shop (Halloween Event (2020))

Headless Horseless Headman
Headless Horseless Headman.png
Candy Trading Shop (Halloween Event (2019)) ✘
Monkey King
Monkey King NPC.jpg
Monkey Fairground ✘
Ninja Monkey
Ninja Monkey NPC.jpg
Monkey Fairground ✘
Toy Monkey
Toy Monkey NPC.jpg
Monkey Fairground ✘
Business Monkey
Business Monkey NPC.jpg
Monkey Fairground ✘
Henry NPC.png
Fossil Isle (Fossil Isle Excavation) ✘
Fossil Isle (Fossil Isle Excavation) ✘
Easter Event (2018)

Easter Event (2019)

Easter Event (2021)

In front of the Winter Castle (Winter Holiday (2020)) ✘
Speedy The Penguin
Speedy The Penguin.png
Under main bridge (Winter Holiday (2020) and Winter Holiday (2021)) ✘
Frost Fury (NPC)
Frost Fury guarding a castle.jpg
In front of the Winter Castle (Winter Holiday (2020)) ✘
Farm Shop βœ“
Agent Lily
Agent Lily NPC.png
Safety Hub βœ“
Ying Yue
Ying Yue.png
Moon Festival Stand ✘
Pet Rescue Minigame (Winter Holiday (2021)) ✘


This is the list of dialogue for each NPC.


"Goo goo, ga ga. Hehe, I'm only kidding. This is where you come to be adopted! I already have a family, but I'm just here to make new friends! Will you be my friend?"

Sir Woofington:

"I can tell by the look on your face that you're confused how I can speak. Well, you see that... specimen in the cheapest shop? We had an experiment done on us by Burt and well, there was a paradigm shift and our brains swapped. So the fellow thinks he's a dog. Anyway, have a good day and make sure to buy my egg, the most premium egg in all the lands!"


"Woof! Woof! *He looks at egg and points* Woof! *He gestures for you to buy an egg* Woof! Woof! *He looks sad as if he'll be upset if you don't buy an egg* Woof! Woof! *He notices that you understand him...* Woof! Woof! *but he's just barking... maybe you're part dog?* Woof!"




"Hi there! Welcome to my shop! I'm so excited that you came in here! Are you excited!? You can buy anything you want! You can have a discount! Oops it's expired! Have a great day!"


"Why hello there little one! This is how I make my money to afford giving so many gifts away on Christmas Day! I packed all of these gifts with love, but one especially has a legendary vehicle you can drive! I hope you pick the right one because I don't know which gift has the legendary vehicle in it!"

Captain Arg:

"Arg! Watch ye step as ye get on the balloon! Ye would be surprised on how many people fall... Come back soon ye landlubber!"


Pet Shop:

"Woof! Oops, sorry, thought you were a dog! I don't see many people in here that often, so I just learnt how to speak dog. Want to see some? Woof buy me a coffee woof... I mean bark. You know what to do..."

Fossil Isle:

"Welcome to Fossil Isle! Are you a paleontologist looking to find fossils too? We'll need as many fossils as we can find if we want to bring back fossil eggs back. I need them to power my time machine. Grab any tool from the tent, then head on over to the excavation and get digging! I can't wait to see some dinosaurs again. It's been too long!"

During the release of the Fossil Egg:

"The time machine is about to start! I can't wait! It's working! The DNA is powering the machine. Just need to give it time... This is all perfectly normal, don't worry! There's bound to be some power fluctuations. This reminds me of that time in the Cretaceous. Let's hope that doesn't happen again. Here it comes! Are you ready? We did it! A fossil egg! Now we can hatch extinct animals!"

Pet Trainer Shane:

Without a pet:

"I'll train even the most stubborn pets to do incredible tricks! So bring your pet next time!"

With an egg:

"G'day mate, come back when your egg has hatched!"

With a pet:

"G'day mate, want me to train your animal? Alright let's begin!"

With a pet that knows every trick:

β€œLooks like your pet already knows every trick in the book!”

With a pet that is too young:

"I want to train your [XXX]. But it's just too young to learn any more. Come back when it ain't so little."


"Hey guys! Welcome to The School. I'm one of the teachers here. My name is NewFissy, but you can call me Mr. Fissy. I've earned this title by scripting myself to be principal... Hahaha only kidding."

Nurse Knee:

"Welcome to The Hospital! Hospital rooms are on the left. Doctor Heart is on the right."

Doctor Heart:

"It's nice to see you again, [username]!"

(Pop-up saying "Ask Doctor Heart to heal your family?")


"Healing your family..."


"Come back if you ever feel sick!"


"Yoooo dude, my name is Brad Chad. Nice to meet you bros. Want to buy some sick stuff? Bro seen my dude Chad Brad? Nah? Nevermind my dude. I'll catch you on the flip side!"

Sophie (No longer in game):

"Hey! I'm just so glad you guys came in here! If you want anything fabulous you're in the best place to look totally fab!"


"Heyo I'm so glad you came in here, I'm really scared right now. We used honey as our special ingredient in our coffees... But the bees have rebelled because they were underpaid, so they've smashed up my shop. Beetrice, on your right, is the Queen Bee. She's selling honey to people. She may be able to help you get you a new pet! But please buy my coffee... I may have to think of a new recipe."


"Hello there, I'm Beetrice the Queen Bee! Don't mind me. I'm just selling the honey Archer stole off of us. This will help pay the bees for their work! And if he ever tries to put honey in coffee again, I'll be here and waiting for another strike!"


"Welcome to Ramsay's Pizzeria! You can have tomatoes, peppers, salami, anything you want one your pizza! You can even have pizza on your pizza!"


"Hey, welcome to my new ice cream shop! The local penguins love to hang out here. If you want a penguin of your very own, just feed them a Golden Goldfish! Also look out for the Golden Penguin, he's very particular with what he eats. If you want the best ice cream in this part of town, just buy it from Archer... I mean me."


"Goodday, welcome to the finest shop in town. The Car Show Room. You probably can't afford anything in here. but you might as well marvel at all my cars."


"Welcome to my Toy Shop! I love to build toys... Heh. Some say I built this world, but that's just a rumor..."


Camping Store:

"... Oh hai there, didn't see you der… ...Welcom to my hoose, i mean shop… ...Uhhhhhmmmmm… ...Well hav fun campeng!.."

April Fools Event (2020):

"hi dere neighboor....what's wrong? well... im financially ruined!! i oardured this 5 ton shipment of pet rocks.. but nobody wants to buy ANY!! pleas! IM BEGGING YOU!! just take ONE.."

Dress Your Pets Event:

"OOH Ho fishen for muh keey~ KEy~ee~, ooh big vault kβ€”!!! β€”β€” EEEEK!! ... Hhoh uH hAI i d- DIDent see you thear.. huh uhM.. kkey? nβ€” nope no keys dOwn their HAHheh. i sed a ahh, uhh.. UHH tree! yeah. Tree! heh.. heh. . absolutely NO KEYS down in the water there. None."

Dress Your Pets Live Event:

"whooOO boy! sumtin big's bitin! 8 days of campeng an i finally got it!! HEAVY!! .. maybe this key- eRR, TREE - was bigger than i thought!! whooo EEE! after i get into that vault, ill be stinkin' RICH! i'll be able to buy a luxury apartment!! may b.. ill even get a NFR frog!! mobie whale or whamever's his name's got NOTHign on burt! im tha best fisher guy EVER! im gunna b RICH! WOaaa--aaa NELLY!! that's a big'n!! wait. WHERES MY KEY!! no! welp. gess i'll jus go back to fishen! gotta do SUMTHIN after the pet rocks.. im broke! maybe.. .. !! i could jus make a simulater!!"

Fossil Isle Event:

"Deenosores aren't reel ya know. That bone from giant. Watch out for beenstork..."

During the release of the Fossil Egg:

"Beenstorks looks funny. Is that magic been?"

April Fool's Event (2021):

"Somefink went wrong... Pressed wrong button. Werent my fault. Wanna live in flat land forever? I try to make better... Take dis. I need to fix fings."

Burt LiveEvent.png


Green Groceries:

"Hi there, welcome to Green Groceries. Buy anything you want, it will make you less hungry or thirsty!"

Farm Shop:

"Hey there, welcome to the farm shop. Fantastic food and delicious drinks, all fresh from the farm! Buy your fill to stop thirst and hunger in their tracks! Can I interest you in some delicious lavender? Just be careful with the lavender - it's for the ladybugs!"


"Hello there and welcome to my cave. This used to be a place where animals would visit to combine their spirits. They did this to strengthen their friendships. I'm not sure if the magic still works, but you can give it a try. Find four fully aged up creatures of the same kind, and then place them on the pedestals. Maybe your pets will become glowing and sacred after this. But do be warned, 4 pets go in, 1 pet comes out. But they will all share the same spirit."


"Arg welcome to Hat Island ye flea bag. You may think I look like a pirate, but I stopped that life. I'm now the scurvyest hat saleswoman. Back a few years ago, it rained hats, now I shrink 'em and sell 'em."

Headless Horseman:

"Happy Halloween!" (Icon pops up) The Headless Horseman gave you a piece of Candy. You can trade it in for special Halloween items.


With a fossil sample:

"A perfect fossil specimen! Let me just run some analysis on this... Hmmmm... Yes! You've uncovered some (insert pet from Fossil Egg) DNA. The holographic projection shows what this used to look like before it was extinct. Come back tomorrow to dig for more fossils. Also take this cool accessory as thanks for helping out."

During the release of the Fossil Egg:

"My years of work on fossil analysis are about to pay off! I wonder if the real thing will look as good as my holograms?"


Without a fossil:

"Another paleontologist! Great! There are lots of extinct animals to find here. Well, what are you waiting for? Get your tools and start digging! When you find a fossil, talk to Henry on the hill so he can identify it. He'll tell you which extinct animals you discovered!"

With a fossil:

"Now you're an official dinosaur hunter. Talk to Henry at the lab on the hill to find out what creature you discovered."

During the release of the Fossil Egg:

"Isn't this exciting? All our hard work is paying off! I've waited my whole life to see these animals alive again! I can't wait to get my own fossil egg."



"Why hello there! Welcome to the egg hunt. There are 30 eggs around the world that you can collect, but.. The total value of my items is 60 eggs, so you'll have to trade with others to get every item! Good luck!"

With a Broken Egg in inventory:

"Whaaa... Why are you giving me this broken egg? I wanted NORMAL eggs. Sigh. Here, take this. This is what I meant. I didn't think I'd have to give away an egg to show you what I meant. The CORRECT type of egg is now in your backpack."


"Greetings! I am Winterkin, spirit of the snow. I am the Winter Hinter! Have you been looking for something for some time? I will assist you, but only in rhyme!"

Speedy The Penguin:


"Hey there! I'm Speedy! I mean - I'm Speedy The Penguin! I make race courses and obbys for my friends to play! Do you like to race? I've set up a course right here on the lake! Want to try my course? I'll give you 800 Gingerbread when you complete your first run!"

After completing the race:

"Welcome back!" (Icon pops up) β€œRace Again?”


"Well hello, how are you today? My name is Lily the Ladybug! Can I interest you in some delicious lavender? No, not for you to eat! It's for my ladybug friends! None of them can resist the taste of this sweet little flower."

Agent Lily:


With a Trading License in inventory:

"I see you have a Trading License! You can use it to check your trade history any time! The trade history book also shows all your most recent trades. Use it whenever you want to look over a trade or report a scam. Oh, I almost forgot... Have a good day, and remember, our agents are always watching."

Ying Yue:

"Hello, friend September 21st starts the Mid-Autumn Festival! Families gather together, Prepare food, give thanks, Hope for a great next year, And snack on Mooncakes! Once the Sun sets Look up at the sky, Hold your pets close, And appreciate the Moon, with a side of Mooncake. Happy Moon Festival!"


"AwooOoOOo!! Need help! Help needed now! We were all just skating around. You know, in a pack! Then all of a sudden. We hear a crack! Plunk, plunk, plunk, plunk... The whole gang's turned into an ice pack! Grrrrrab a pickaxe and get them out!"