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The Multi-Bike is a two-seater common vehicle in Adopt Me! that could be obtained by purchasing it for Bucks.png 300 in the Car Showroom. As it was removed from the Vehicle Dealership on March 3, 2022, it is now only obtainable through trading or purchasing the Starter Pack gamepass for Robux.png 99.


The Multi-Bike resembles a modern tandem bike. It is incredibly similar to the regular Bike, therefore, resembles a traditional BMX bicycle, with the addition of an extra seat behind it. The Multi-Bike's color can be chosen after purchase, however, once it is chosen, it cannot be changed again.


The Multi-Bike is the second-to-last expensive but is also one of the slowest two-wheeled vehicles in Adopt Me!. It is however much faster than the conventional Bike, has an extra seat, and does not slow down when carrying a baby. However, it costs four times as much as a regular Bike, making it considerably more expensive. It is also slower to the similarly priced Motorcycle, although it still costs 100 Bucks less, and also offers an extra seat.

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Very cheap. Slow.
Good turning. Hard to control at times.
Can seat a player and a passenger. Can only carry one passenger.


  • The Multi-Bike's speed does not decrease if the player that is driving it is carrying Babies/pets.
  • Players can also get a Multi-Bike by buying the Starter Pack, which includes a family home and Bucks.png 300. This makes the Multi-Bike the only vehicle that can be bought with both Bucks and Robux.
  • The Multi-Bike is the only two-wheeled vehicle in Adopt Me! that has more than one seat.