The Multi-Bike is a two-seater common vehicle in Adopt Me! that can be obtained by purchasing it for Bucks 300 in the Car Showroom or through trading.


The Multi-Bike resembles a modern tandem bike. It is incredibly similar to the regular Bike, so it therefore resembles a traditional BMX bicycle, with the addition of an extra seat behind it. The Multi-Bike's color can be chosen after purchase, however once it is chosen, it cannot be changed again.


The Multi-Bike is the second-to-least expensive but is also one of the slowest two-wheeled vehicles in Adopt Me!. It is much faster than the conventional Bike, has an extra seat, and does not slow down when carrying a baby. However, it costs four times as much as a regular Bike, making it considerably more expensive. It is also slower to the similarly priced Motorcycle, although it still costs 100 Bucks less, and also offers an extra seat.

Multi-bike inv

A Multi-Bike in a player's inventory

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Very cheap Slow
Good turning Hard to control at times
Can seat a player and a passenger Can only carry one passenger


  • The Multi-Bike's speed does not decrease if the player that is driving it is carrying babies/pets.
  • You can also get a Multi-Bike by buying the Starter Pack, which includes a family home and Bucks 300. This makes the Multi-Bike the only vehicle that can be bought with both Bucks and Robux.
  • The Multi-Bike is the only two-wheeled vehicle in Adopt Me! that has more than one seat.
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