The Multi-Bike is a two-seater vehicle in Adopt Me!. It is

Multi-bike inv

A Multi-Bike in a player's inventory.

one of the slowest two-wheeled vehicles. It costs Bucks 300

andย players can change the color of it upon purchase. This vehicle helps players to travel from place to place quicker than walking. The Multi-Bike is the second-to-least expensive out of all of the vehicles available in Adopt Me!. It is like the normal bike but with an extra seat.

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Very Cheap Slow
Good Turning
Can seat you and a passenger


  • The Multi-Bike's speed does not decrease when the player driving it is carrying babies.
  • You can also get a Multi-Bike by buying the Starter Pack, which includes a family home and Bucks 300


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