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The Mud Ball is a single-use item in Adopt Me! that can be found in the Food section of a player's inventory and can be used to tame various kinds of Scarabs. Upon throwing a Mud Ball, players can either tame an Ultra-Rare Giant Black Scarab, an Ultra-Rare Giant Blue Scarab, or a Legendary Giant Gold Scarab.

The Mud Ball Gamepass costs Robux 2019 Logo Black.svg 199 and can either be bought by clicking on the Mud Ball located next to Bastet in the Desert Shop, or from the in-game Shop GUI. It will be available for 36 hours every month when the Desert Shop is on its rotation. It was released along with the Desert Weather Map Update.

The sign located next to Bastet displays information regarding the chances of obtaining certain types of Giant Scarabs.

The Process of Taming a Giant Scarab

Players can use the Mud Ball in the Desert Shop where the NPC Bastet resides to tame a Giant Scarab.

In order to tame a Giant Scarab, a player must first equip a Mud Ball from their inventory and be in the Desert Shop. After doing so, a player may click anywhere on their screen for the Mud Ball to be thrown. The Scarabs present in the Desert Shop will start to walk around the Mud Ball.

After a partial wait, a certain type of a scarab, either a Giant Black Scarab, a Giant Blue Scarab, or a Giant Gold Scarab, will interact with and consume the Mud Ball. Once the Giant Scarab finishes eating, it will automatically be placed into the player's inventory.

Obtainable Pets

Below are all of the pets that can be tamed using Mud Ball.

Giant Scarab Rarity Chances Image
Giant Black Scarab Ultra-Rare 60%
Giant Black Scarab.png
Giant Blue Scarab Ultra-Rare 37.5%
Giant Blue Scarab.png
Giant Gold Scarab Legendary 2.5%
Giant Gold Scarab.png