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The Moon Viewing Bench is an ultra-rare toy that was released during the 2022 Lunar New Year Event. It could be obtained by purchasing it for Bucks.png 1,800. It has two seats, allowing players to sit around the map. Pets are unable to sit on it. As the event has ended, it can now only be obtained by trading.


The Moon Viewing Bench features a red bench with red velvet cushions. It has black framings on its armrests with yellows dots around the bench.


  • The Moon Viewing Bench is the fourth toy that can be placed down in the game, the others being the Lemonade Stand, Hotdog Stand and Magic Door.
  • A player cannot place the Moon Viewing Bench in some places, such as on a slope, or while they are riding or flying a pet.
  • It is the first placeable item that is not a gamepass.