The Monocycle is a legendary vehicle in Adopt Me! which was release during April, 2019 and was obtainable from an old Gifts rotation. It bears a very similar appearance to the Donut Cycle, and can now only be obtained through trading with other players.


The Monocycle is a black motor-powered monocycle with a red inner wheel. Though hard to tell, the Monocycle appears to be powered by a small three-cylinder engine, located right underneath the seat. The Monocycle has a white steering wheel which is connected to the frame and curves directly towards the driver.

The Monocycle on display

The Monocycle in a player's inventory

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Fast Hard to drive
Good turning Only one seat, which means you can't seat passengers, the only way to have multiple people ride is by one being a Baby and being held or riding an adult player.
Looks stylish and futuristic A retired vehicle, which means you cannot obtain it anymore, except through trading.
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