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The Monocycle is a limited legendary single-seater vehicle in Adopt Me! which was released around April 2019 and was obtainable from an old Gifts rotation. As the Gifts were refreshed with new items, it can now only be obtained through trading.


The Monocycle is a black motor-powered monocycle with a red inner wheel. Though hard to tell, the Monocycle appears to be powered by a small three-cylinder engine, located directly underneath the seat. The Monocycle has a white steering wheel which is connected to the frame and curves directly towards the driver. The Monocycle also has a variant called the Donut Cycle.

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Fast. Hard to drive.
Good turning. Has only one seat, cannot seat other passengers, the only way to have multiple people ride is by one being a Baby and being held or riding a Parent.
Stylish and futuristic design. A retired vehicle, which means that it is unobtainable unless through trading.